Case Studies

See How a 3D Scanner Saved a Soldier’s 60-Year-Old Heirloom

Military dog tags are highly personal, an ID as unique as its user and a silent statement of their commitment. For a soldier facing the unthinkable, they serve as a reminder that they will not be forgotten. They will not be unknown.

When Kurt came into Irelia Fine Jewelry, it was with a mission of his own.

Kurt was challenged with replicating a cherished heirloom – his client’s dog tag, a vintage, hand-stamped sheet metal treasure over 60 years old.

From Retail to Wholesale, Oscar's 3D Printing Solution

Oscar Valencia, President of Diamonds Inc. and Master Casting and Cad, not only has his own thriving storefront jewelry business located in the heart of Chicago, but also maintains an in-house business, casting and repairing pieces for jewelers nationwide. Surrounded by 180 other jewelers under the same roof, the environment encourages Oscar and his team to find ways to stand out and prove their value. Their solution? The B9 Core Series 3D printer.

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