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Explore video testimonials from B9Creations customers, providing insights into the remarkable outcomes achieved through our 3D printing technology, capabilities, partnership, and beyond.

Technology Showcase

Explore testimonials highlighting the power of B9Creations' cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Customers share their insights on the transformative capabilities that our technology brings to their projects, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

[NEW VIDEO] Maximizing 3D Printing Success: A Workshop Experience with B9Creations

Join Nick Pang, Mechanical Engineer at Medeco High Security, Salem, Virginia, as he shares insights from their recent virtual workshop with B9Creations. Discover how their team tackled common printing failures, optimized part design for additive manufacturing, and received expert guidance on achieving flawless prints, even for intricate components with minimal tolerances. From tailored solutions to unexpected tips, this workshop exceeded expectations and equipped the team to tackle future challenges with confidence.

Revolutionizing Robotics: 3D Printing Innovations at Lake Area Technical College's Electronics Department

Lake Area Technical College is utilizing 3D printing in various ways, from printing parts for integration and robotics to creating enclosures for electronics. The addition of B9Ceations technology has opened up new possibilities for finer and more intricate automation pieces. The Lab is like a large classroom, constantly evolving with the latest 3D printers, including printers from B9Creations.

B9Creations Technology Enabling Complex Microscale Medical Device Production

Kevin Herrera, an R&D engineer within Johnson & Johnson's Cardiovascular and Specialty Solutions Group, explains the difficulty he faced when trying to 3D print a complex microscale component on several 3D printers. He sent the design to B9Creations and received his 3D printed part the very next day. Now, he’s getting this type of part in minutes with the B9 Core Series 3D printers they have in-house.

Leveraging B9Creations Technology for High Precision, Accuracy & Expanded Capabilities

Adrian Prince at Actuonix Motion Devices reveals why they decided to go with a B9Creations 3D printer. In this video, Adrian explains the importance of finding a platform that could achieve the high precision, accuracy, and larger build volume crucial for the company's diverse applications across aerospace, automotive, robotics, and medical industries. 

Luminelle on the Quality of 3D Printed Parts & the Performance of B9Creations Platforms

Luminelle's Chief Technology Officer, Erich Dreyer, discusses the quality of parts 3D printed on B9Creations platforms and their exceptional performance comparable to high-cost alternatives. This video highlights how B9Creations technology pushes the boundaries of feature size capabilities and delivers unmatched precision, speed, and surface finish.

The B9 Core Series: The Fastest DLP 3D Printer With Unparalleled Precision

Scott Tuominen, Senior Principal Design Technician at Medtronic's largest lab, shares his first impression of a 3D printed part on the B9 Core Series. He emphasizes the platform's remarkable speed, now delivering the parts he needs in just one hour.

Capabilities and Real-World Applications

Watch testimonials showcasing how B9Creations' technology meets diverse needs. Customers share their experiences applying our capabilities to real-world scenarios, demonstrating the practical and impactful applications across different fields.

[NEW VIDEO] Transforming Mechanical Engineering with AM: Insights from Penn State's SHAPE Lab

Discover how a Penn State PhD student is pioneering cutting-edge research at the Shape Lab, transforming mechanical engineering with additive manufacturing. Learn how internal fluid channels are revolutionizing traditional structures, and see how B9Creations' samples are shaping the future of the field.

[NEW VIDEO] Empowering Education: The B9Creations Printer in Architectural Learning

Join Erik Lugo, an architecture teacher at Dallas ISD, as he shares his experience integrating the B9Creations printer into his curriculum. Erik highlights the significant time-saving benefits and user-friendly nature of the printer's software compared to traditional methods. Discover how this cutting-edge technology has enhanced the learning experience for students.

Printing Hope: Advancing Prosthetic Development and Neurological Research

Hear from The Weir Biomechatronics Labs at University of Colorado Anschutz, located at the Children’s Hospital Colorado. Using additive manufacturing, they’re breaking traditional manufacturing rules to develop unique prosthetics for individuals with upper limb deficiencies. Leveraging B9Creations tech, researchers are printing in high-resolution, biocompatible silicone for implantation to better understand brain function and treat neurological disorders. 

Better Products in Half the Time: Leveraging B9Creations Technology for Rapid Prototyping

Kevin Herrera from Johnson & Johnson discusses the crucial process of gathering feedback from physicians in the field to enhance medical devices. Discover why the precision and speed of B9Creations 3D printers became the ideal choice for swiftly iterating and improving their products.

Business Growth and Opening New Revenue Streams With In-House Additive Manufacturing

Adrian Prince at Actuonix Motion Devices discusses how additive manufacturing is enabling business growth and opening up new revenue streams from customers where minimum order quantity was a barrier before.

How the World's Largest Medical Device Company is Overcoming Obstacles With the B9 Core Series

Scott Tuominen, Senior Principal Design Technician at the world's largest medical device company, explains how with B9Creations technology, he's now able to produce parts with micro features that were previously impossible to 3D print, as well as accomplish the turnaround in just one hour.

Collaboration and Partnership 

Discover firsthand accounts of successful collaboration and partnership with B9Creations. Our Customers share their experiences working with us to achieve shared goals, innovate together, and overcome challenges through effective collaboration. 

[NEW VIDEO] Biotech Company Pioneers Next-Gen Therapies with B9Creations Technology

Learn how this biotechnology company is accelerating next-generation therapies via tissue engineering, breakthrough discoveries, and targeted treatments – enabled by B9Creations technology and team, from printers to custom material development services and software, post-processing solutions, part design consulting, on-site training and more.

[NEW VIDEO] Penn State's Success Story: Collaboration with B9Creations

Explore the journey of a Penn State researcher as they discuss their fruitful collaboration with B9Creations. Discover how seamless communication, rapid prototyping, and impeccable surface finishes have advanced their research, paving the way for future innovations in additive manufacturing. Join us as we uncover the impact of this partnership on academia and beyond.

Platinum West Casting on B9Creations' Differentiated Approach to Customer Satisfaction & Innovation

Fernando Cortes, owner of Platinum West Casting, highlights what sets B9Creations apart for him, standing out as one of the only companies he has worked with that not only values customer input but continuously adapts and innovates to meet the evolving needs of its customers. 

B9Creations' Role in Accelerating Time to Market for Endoscopic Ultrasound Technology

Josh Cohn, Chief Commercial Officer at EndoSound, discusses the crucial role of time in their business and how B9Creations' rapid prototyping capabilities became a game-changer. Discover how a single phone call with B9Creations drastically shortened their timeline, providing prototypes within days and accelerating EndoSound's time to market.

Luminelle's Quick Transition from Concept to Commercialization Through B9Creations Collaboration

Erich Dreyer from Luminelle praises B9Creations for their responsiveness and innovative problem-solving. With a 24-hour turnaround, B9Creations accelerated Luminelle's decision-making process and was able to meet their regulatory requirements, enabling Luminelle to transition from concept to commercial launch in just four weeks.

Customer Experience 

Hear stories from our customers about their experiences with B9Creations. Learn how our dedication to customer satisfaction, responsive support, and personalized solutions have created a positive and enriching experience for customers across various industries.

[NEW VIDEO] Exceptional Partnership: Collaborating with B9Creations for Seamless Solutions

Hear about the outstanding customer service Lake Area Technical College receives from the B9Creations team. With top-notch support, including access to in-house training and regular updates, B9Creations ensures a seamless experience. Moreover, students benefit from B9Creations' excellent tech support, enhancing their educational journey.

Jewelry Artistry Meets Cutting-Edge Technology: Patrick Dobbs' Experience With B9Creations

Patrick Dobbs, Owner and Master Jeweler at Hammerman Forge, highlights his key reasons for choosing B9Creations – the company's accessible, communicative, and collaborative team, as well as the unparalleled reliability and user-friendliness of B9Creations 3D printers.

Minimizing Downtime: B9Creations' Responsive & Reliable Tech Support Stands Out

Oscar Valencia, President of Diamonds Inc. and Master Casting and Cad, emphasizes the importance of minimal downtime and reliable tech support in his choice of B9Creations. He explains how B9Creations' responsiveness set them apart, contrasting with their past experiences with several other 3D printer providers.

Martin Rascon on B9Creations' Differentiated Approach to Customer Satisfaction

Martin Rascon from R5 emphasizes the uniqueness of B9Creations' customer experience. He highlights B9Creations' exceptional practice of actively listening to its customers, a quality he finds distinctive compared to larger corporations he has worked with in the past.

Actuonix Motion Devices' Take on B9Creations' Responsiveness and Expertise

Adrian Prince from Actuonix Motion Devices praises B9Creations for providing the best customer experience compared to numerous other companies he has worked with. He highlights B9Creations' exceptional responsiveness, willingness to collaborate, and the standout expertise of the team.

B9Creations' Cutting-Edge Collaboration With Local Jewelry Business Owner, Doug Napier

Experienced jeweler and business owner, Doug Napier, explains why he decided to go with B9Creations. He highlights B9Creations' alignment with his priorities, emphasizing the company's commitment to continuous innovation and leading-edge practices. 

Discover How EndoSound Is Meeting Tight Timelines With Support From B9Creations

Josh Cohn from EndoSound describes his overall experience working with B9Creations, highlighting the unparalleled turnaround time, communication, partnership, and willingness to help. He also explains B9Creations' crucial role in bringing an important project to completion on a tight timeline.