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"My overall experience working with B9Creations was fantastic – the turnaround time, the communication, the partnership, the willingness and desire to help us were all things I hadn't experienced in a very long time."

- Josh Cohn | Chief Commercial Officer at EndoSound


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How the World's Largest Medical Device Company is Overcoming Obstacles With the B9 Core Series

Scott Tuominen, Senior Principal Design Technician at the world's largest medical device company, explains how with B9Creations technology, he's now able to produce parts with micro features that were previously impossible to 3D print, as well as accomplish the turnaround in just one hour.

Business Growth and Opening New Revenue Streams With In-House Additive Manufacturing

Adrian Prince at Actuonix Motion Devices discusses how additive manufacturing is enabling business growth and opening up new revenue streams from customers where minimum order quantity was a barrier before.

Luminelle's Quick Transition from Concept to Commercialization Through B9Creations Collaboration

Erich Dreyer from Luminelle praises B9Creations for their responsiveness and innovative problem-solving. With a 24-hour turnaround, B9Creations accelerated Luminelle's decision-making process and was able to meet their regulatory requirements, enabling Luminelle to transition from concept to commercial launch in just four weeks.


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