B9Creations Digital Manufacturing Technology

B9 Core Series 3D Printer

B9 Core Series

3D printer engineered to bring you unmatched precision & surface finish.

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B9 Core Med Series

Designed and engineered to be a class of one in the healthcare industry, B9Creations’ new medical 3D printing solution integrates additive manufacturing into the design, production, and use of medical devices, anatomical modeling, surgical tools, and more.

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B9 Dent Lab-2

B9 Dent Series

Experience the future of precision dentistry with the B9 Dent Series 3D Printers

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Elite Micro

B9 Elite Series - Micro 3D Printing

Th Elite Series enables users to 3D print micro geometries that would be impossible to create any other way.

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b9 x custom 3D printer

B9[X] Custom Solutions

Customize your software, hardware, materials, services and more for an end-to-end solution perfectly tailored to your needs. Click to learn more.

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B9 Scan 500

B9 Scan 500

The most intuitive 3D scanner for speed, accuracy, & simplicity.

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All Resin with med  Photo copy-1

Parts On Demand

Parts on-demand from prelaunch to production.

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B9Clean_500 x 500-1


From 3D printing to post-processing, integrate the end-to-end solution that enables your business to operate more efficiently and profitably than ever before.

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3D Printing Materials


Specifically formulated to achieve high-resolution 3D prints for a variety of applications.

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B9Captivate 3D Printing Materials


See B9Create, support and orientation software, and B9Captivate, material development software suite.

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