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Instructional Videos


00:09 – Brief introduction

Software Installation

01:08 – Download and install the B9Creator software.

Software Overview

05:45 – Using Layout. Adding Models. Slicing Layouts. Print dialog overview. Using built in context sensitive help. Menu items.

Operating System Display setup

04:15 – Setting up the operating system. Screen resolution. Turning off screen saver and power saver modes. Settings for automatic updates. Task bar settings.

B9Creator Hardware Overview

07:46 – Overview of the B9Creator hardware.

Machine Connect

01:54 – Connecting the printer to your computer.

Toggle Sidenote

00:36 – Brief mention that the firmware must be loaded before the toggle switches will function

Printer Management and Printer Settings

05:16 – Using the Printer Manager to set the desired printer configuration. This tells the printer which firmware to use and the desired XY resolution. Printer settings are checked and set to defaults.

Build Table Calibration

05:25 – Purpose and method of calibrating the build table.

Projector Calibration

08:14 – Purpose and method of calibrating the projector.

How to Print – Printing your first calibration prints

13:05 – Details of how to do your first print, a “calibration” object that we’ll use to fine tune the printer.

Calibration Print Analysis and Printer Tuning

06:53 – How to analyze the calibration print to tune the printer’s Fade/Balance, MSM and Slope.

Vat Recoat

05:01 – How to replace the PDMS coating on the injection molded vat.