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Prototype to Production

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Proven Performance From Prototype to Production

Companies across the entertainment and model making sectors are adopting our ultra-precision digital manufacturing solutions to respond to customer and market trends, increase speed to market, build more resilient supply chains, grow new revenue streams, and improve production more efficiently and profitably than ever before. Today, we have earned the trust of designers, engineers, manufacturing teams worldwide through digital solutions that deliver proven results and a payback measured in months.

See the solution leveraged by brands from Hasbro to Modelu, networks of model makers like APMM, and more.

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Better Products in Half the Time

Engineered with input from industry experts in model making and entertainment settings, our ultra-precision, high-speed additive manufacturing solutions enable you to be more competitive than ever before. Leveraging patented technology, the B9 Core Series 3D printers are precise, fast, reliable, and easy to use.

  • R&D to Pre-Production - Accelerate iteration, tighten feedback loops, validate product-market fit, function, and design
  • Customized Production - Boost productivity, respond to customer requests and market trends in real-time, and build supply chain resiliency with parts on-demand from bridge to low-volume to end-of-life production
  • High-Volume, High-Fidelity Production Parts - Performance materials that bring every detail to life, give you greater control in-house, open up new revenue streams, and reduce costs
  • Production Tools - Cut lead time and costs and build custom tooling with materials made for the manufacturing environment

Want the platform that delivers proven performance and payback?

Join thousands of model makers who already do.

"When the B9 Core Series came out, it was an unbelievable relief. In the first year, I did 35 exhibitions, turned down 20 more, and did a number of TV-related jobs along with wholesale orders, some 3,000 figures or more. With my old 3D printer, that would take me an afternoon. Now with the B9 Core Series, I can get them out so much faster."


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High-Definition Models in 5 Button Pushes.

With B9Creations biocompatible, design, and engineering resins, model makers can move from virtual model to print and prototyping to production runs of thousands of parts seamlessly.

Leveraging patented technology, the B9 Core Series 3D printers are precise, fast, and easy to use.

  • Out-of-the-box and printing in 15 minutes and never requires calibration
  • 4x faster than industry average with <15 to <25 um effective resolution
  • Factory startup assistance and lifetime support included
  • A robust suite of design, engineering, casting, elastomeric, and biocompatible materials
  • Intelligent print preparation, management, and monitoring software
  • Streamlined workflow with automated cleaning & curing post-processing units

With automated post-processing, you can integrate the end-to-end solution that enables your business to operate more efficiently and profitably than ever before. Simple and fast, the B9Clean and B9 Model Cure let you focus less on process and more on proven results.

See our product guide for all hardware, accessories, materials, software and services.

Model Making Webinar

Secrets of Success From Top Model Makers Worldwide

Get in on the secrets and top takeaways provided by a panel of global model making experts who give an in-depth look at launching and scaling successful model making businesses using ultra-precision 3D printing with the B9 Core Series.

You’ll also be introduced to our suite of high-definition materials – engineered for exquisite, microscale models that bring even the most intricate designs to life. 


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On-Demand Models

Want to bring your part to life? Leverage our 3D printing service bureau, capable of bringing your digital models and revolutionary devices to market faster than ever before.