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Our next-generation FAST™ Technology powered by B9Create software will optimize your print processes like never before – with fewer supports, better surface finish, and painless post-processing. With our FAST™ Technology, you'll transform the effective resolution on your printer. For Core Series Purchases prior to January 28th, 2021 that have not received an electronics upgrade.  Enabled with Fast™ Technology.  Full of features designed to streamline your workflow, you’ll benefit from mirroring supports, part template libraries, faster slicing time, and more. Streamline your workflow with our first-generation print preparation software for the B9 Core 5 Series 530 and 550 3D printers. Makes print setup, management, and monitoring easy.
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In order to continually improve system performance and stability, B9Creations has published a critical firmware update, which we strongly recommend performing at your earliest possible convenience.

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