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B9creations Tissue Engineering 3D Printing

Invent the Future of Biomedical Research and Engineering.

B9Creations is a US-based company that has proudly collaborated with biomedical engineers and researchers worldwide, partnering with startups to established companies undergoing clinical trials. Our dedication to advancing scientific frontiers is underscored by our presence in over 220 peer-reviewed research publications. Our partnerships extend to thousands of researchers who have expressed their needs, emphasizing the significance of custom material utilization and fostering collaborative relationships. We understand that addressing these needs is pivotal for breakthroughs in biomedical engineering and research, and we remain committed to providing innovative solutions and fostering impactful partnerships within the scientific community. 

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You Don't Solve Unique Problems With Standard Solutions. Neither Do We.

Take an application-smart approach with workflows customized by industry, workforce expertise built into your software, and even hardware and materials designed around specific parts, production, and regulatory compliance.

Have a custom material but no way to bring it to life at scale?

Leverage B9Creations custom material settings development services and cutting-edge technology for precise and repeatable part manufacturing. 

Designed to cater to the unique needs of customers who are developing their own proprietary resin or using third-party materials, our expert team offers material settings development services. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure that your specific material requirements are met, developing the custom settings for you that you can then validate on site or remotely. We'll work with you to guarantee the compatibility of your material with B9Creations platforms, as well as optimize results through customized settings.

Get a free 3D printed part and material compatibility consultation to determine whether our technology is the right fit for your needs.

"With your technology and the material settings you developed for our custom material, we are getting in six hours what we couldn't do in a month previously. This technology will eventually enable life-saving therapies, and no other team was able to get us here on this timeline."

– CTO, Biotechnology Company

Cell Cultures

You Don't Need a 3D Printer. You Need a Partner.

B9Creations has partnered with numerous innovators—spanning Fortune 500 biotechnology companies, regenerative medicine startups, and world-renowned education and research facilities—empowering them to bridge the gap from concept to creation through customized 3D printing solutions. 

We don't just provide technology; we offer partnership. We take a collaborative approach to enhance the success of your research. From ensuring your custom material seamlessly prints on our platforms to working alongside you throughout your project, we are dedicated to supporting your journey.


Biomedical Prototyping: Iteratively refine designs for rapid development.

Orthopedic Applications: Customize implants, prosthetics, and orthoses.

Microfluidic Engineering: Develop advanced microfluidics.

Lab-on-a-Chip Device Fabrication: Engineer complex lab-on-a-chip devices.

Drug Delivery Systems: Develop drug delivery systems with customized geometries.

3D Printing Tissue Engineering Scaffolds: Design scaffolds for tissue regeneration.

Anatomical Models for Surgical Planning: Enhance surgical preparation.

Medical Education Aids: Improve training with realistic anatomical models.

Diagnostic Tool Prototyping: Prototype tools for improved healthcare diagnostics.

Surgical Guide Production: Elevate procedural accuracy.

Biomedical Research Models: Create models for comprehensive experiments.

Rehabilitation Devices: Enhance care and recovery with patient-specific devices.

Biocompatible Wearables: Monitor and enhance health with wearable devices.

Patient-Specific Instrumentation: Improve surgical precision with specialized tools.

Artificial Organs and Tissues: Push the boundaries of regenerative medicine.

Neurostimulation Devices: Personalize devices for targeted interventions.

Drug Discovery: Create intricate models for pharmaceutical research. 

And More!




"From rapid prototyping to intricate designs, the B9Creations team delivers top-notch results with unwavering precision and speed—and their expertise and professionalism have consistently exceeded my expectations with my custom material and their platforms. If you're searching for a reliable and innovative 3D printing partner, look no further!"

– CellField Technologies, in collaboration with SD School of Mines Department of Nanoscience & Biomedical Engineering


Trusted by Biomedical Engineers and Researchers Worldwide.

Whether it’s creating intricate scaffolds for tissue engineering, developing patient-specific implants, or pioneering cutting-edge research projects, B9Creations’ 3D printing solutions empower biomedical companies and researchers to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Enabling Innovators To:

  • Develop state-of-the-art products capable of regenerating natural tissue, a groundbreaking approach for both reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries.

  • Help find the cure for osteoarthritis with 3D culture systems that enable cells to be studied 4x longer than other methods. Read the full story on stem cell research for osteoarthritis.

  • Scale Production: Now 3D printing 40 parts in custom material on a single build plate in an hour, when their more expensive platform could deliver just two parts in 24 hours.

  • Create adaptive robotic skin with human-like sensing, enabling the development of more sensitive and flexible prosthetic limbs and pressure mapping for bedridden patients. Read the full story on 3D printed robotic skin.

  • Develop 3D printed adhesive skin with capabilities mimicking the advanced manipulation, sensing, and control of octopuses with potential applications in medical adhesives capable of sticking to organs and tissues. Read the full story on biomimicry 3D printing.

Our customers consistently contribute to groundbreaking research—shaping the knowledge, methods, and outcomes of the entire biomedical community. Explore a collection of peer-reviewed publications referencing B9Creations 3D printers, materials, and beyond.


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Diverse 3D Printing Capabilities

B9 Core 6 Series MPro

Mass Production

With a build volume of 192 x 108 x 304 mm, the B9 Core 6 Series MPro is ideal for customers who need an expanded design space without sacrificing the ultra-high resolution and accuracy B9Creations platforms are known for.

B9 Elite Micro

Microscale 3D Printing 

With ultra-high resolution, precision, and repeatability, the B9 Elite Micro pushes the boundaries of feature size capabilities at the scale and tolerances meeting or exceeding micro injection molded parts.

B9 Core 530

Versatility & Speed

With its advanced precision and rapid printing capabilities, the B9 Core 530 serves as a versatile solution for everything from rapid prototyping to higher-throughput micro 3D printing. Achieve unparalleled precision and bring your designs to life in record time.

B9 Core 5 Series XL & Med XL 385

Clear, Biocompatible, Silicone, and Other Specialty Materials

With a 385-nanometer light engine, the B9 Core 5 Series XL 385 (also available in a medical equipment compliant version) enables users to 3D print translucent, white, and specialty materials with pinpoint accuracy.

Software and Services 

B9Create powered by FAST™ Technology provides a powerful yet easy-to-use expert software system while B9Captivate’s material development toolkit enables custom settings. Leverage our training, design, 3D printing, and Lean manufacturing services for performance at scale.

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