B9Creations Story

Michael Joyce, founder and CTO of B9Creations, always felt a burning desire to improve lives through technology. This passion ignited his interest in space exploration, which led him to earn a degree in Mathematics, serving a 10-year career as a pilot in the US Air Force and working in the software development field.

In December 2011, Mike's passion to improve lives through technology evolved to 3D printing.

Technology Barriers

In the beginning, he struggled with 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technologies that were all too slow, expensive or produced unsuitable quality. Mike wanted to address the barriers of cost, speed, and resolution through the appropriate hardware, software, and processes.

Joyce’s fearless focus, plus a background in technology development enabled him to develop multiple patented and patent-pending innovations, providing a platform for the first version of the B9Creator. 

As a tech professional, Joyce chose to develop his own IP to avoid the pitfall of so many other 3D printing companies infringing on others’ patents. Following months of patent research, testing and tech development, he launched his own machine.

Customer Service Kick Start

The very first commercially available B9Creators were initially funded via Kickstarter, a support system for innovative and creative technology projects. The first of two Kickstarters raised over $510,000. B9Creations delivered its products for both Kickstarters on-schedule, something less than one-third of the funded companies achieve.

The B9Creator received high marks for customer satisfaction from the beginning. Commitment to customer satisfaction is the language of the company’s culture and is unique in the 3D printing industry.

Growth in Motion

In May of 2014, evolving his mission to make technology affordable, Joyce moved B9Creations into its own facility with more than 4000 square feet for production, research & development, marketing, and customer support.

To solidify B9Creations’ brand of commitment and support, Mike began building a team of professionals equally committed to his vision, ensuring the new facility incorporated native-lean manufacturing, quality control, and growth opportunity, while keeping the company’s dollars focused on the products and mission.

Today, B9Creations is a profitable and growing company. Our printers are operating in dozens of countries, with half of our customer database located outside the United States.

The Team works daily to improve our product line, expanding material choices and leveraging the company’s robust IP portfolio to design new models that will further improve the affordability of more powerful 3D printing machines. 

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