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On-Demand Chairside Solutions

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Lab-Ready 3D Printing Solutions

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After nearly a decade of experience in the dental industry alongside a trusted partner—where we've deployed patented technology in thousands of white-labeled, regulatory-compliant, turnkey 3D printing solutions with customized hardware and software—we're going direct under the B9Creations name, leveraging the extensive expertise we've acquired during our longstanding presence in the field.


Leveraging patented technology with dental expertise built in, the B9 Dent Series 3D printers are precise, fast, and easy to use.

  • Out of the box and printing in 15 minutes with factory startup assistance included, and never requires calibration
  • Platform open to third-party materials & custom material development toolkit
  • Intuitive dental-specific CAM print preparation software, designed exclusively for dental use by dental experts
  • Scalability with multi-printer management and automated post-processing
  • Tailored service and support packages that include training and installation, dedicated customer success specialist, ongoing employee and new hire training, hot swap program, and more. 

Learn more about the B9 Dent Series or see our product guide for all hardware, accessories, materials, software, and services.

"We did a global search for the right additive partner. B9Creations' hardware, software, custom-tailored solutions, and expertise consistently deliver for our business and our customers."


Streamlined Workflow for Dental Applications

The B9 Dent Series 3D printer platform was developed by dental experts to be part of a comprehensive, thoroughly tested workflow. From intuitive print preparation software to cutting-edge dental 3D printers, high-performance materials, and automated post-processing units, B9Creations offers an end-to-end workflow designed for dental professionals across clinical, lab, and education settings. Want to see what the B9 Dent can do for you? Sign up for our limited market release program.

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Chairside Dental 3D Printer


In Texas prisons, a substantial number of inmates face the debilitating issue of tooth loss.
Recognizing the pressing need for innovation in dental care for inmates, Kulzer worked with B9Creations as a technology partner to create the first 3D printed denture clinic in Texas—one of only four in the entire US. The vast majority of those seen by the dental clinic have been without teeth for a decade – and now have a new outlook on life.
B9Creations Dental 3D Printing Solutions

Seamless Integration Across Clinical, Lab, and Education

B9Creations Dental 3D printing solutions are designed to cater to the diverse needs of dental professionals across clinical, lab, and education settings. Whether you're seeking faster, easier-to-use chairside solutions, precision and throughput in the lab, or educational tools for the next generation of dental experts, our 3D printers are designed to suit a diverse range of applications.


  • On-Demand Chairside Solutions: Our printers empower dental professionals to produce same-day chairside dental models, crowns, bridges, and surgical guides with unmatched speed, ease-of-use and accuracy. Reduce patient waiting times and enhance treatment outcomes.

  • Patient Engagement: Visual aids are powerful tools for patient education. Use B9Creations dental printers to create 3D models of patients' dental anatomy, helping them better understand their conditions and treatment plans.

  • Customization: Tailor dental restorations to the unique needs of each patient. B9Creations printers enable clinicians to produce highly customized solutions, ensuring optimal fit and comfort.


  • High-Resolution 3D Printing: Achieve exceptional levels of detail and accuracy for prosthetics, aligners, and other dental appliances. 

  • Workflow Optimization: Streamline your lab's workflow with rapid prototyping and efficient production of dental components. B9Creations printers reduce lead times, allowing labs to handle more cases efficiently.

  • Material Versatility: Our open-source 3D printers support a wide range of dental materials, providing labs with the flexibility to work with their preferred materials.


  • Hands-On Learning: Integrate 3D printing to give students practical experience in digital dentistry. Our 3D printers make learning engaging and prepare students for modern dental practices.

  • Prototyping and Research: Facilitate dental research and innovation by providing students with access to a powerful 3D printing solution.

  • Skill Development: Equip the next generation of dental professionals with the skills needed to excel in both traditional and digital dentistry, while fostering a deeper understanding of dental technology.

[Coming Soon] The B9 Dent Lab

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of a larger 3D printer platform ideal for a wide range of dental lab applications. With its expanded build space, plug-and-play technology, advanced features and open source materials platform, this addition to the B9 Dent Series is designed to further enhance workflow efficiency and precision, catering specifically to the demands of dental laboratories. 

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