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Bring Breakthrough Ideas to Life.

Companies across the education, research, medical device, electronics manufacturing, biomedical, and microfluidics sectors are adopting our micro-precision digital manufacturing solutions and robust service offerings to bring breakthrough ideas to life.

Research & Education - B9Creations high-precision tech has been leveraged in over 220+ publications and 100+ universities, national labs, and research organizations for a variety of research and custom material applications.

Medical Device - As medical devices become smaller and more expensive to assemble, medical device manufacturers require technology that can keep pace, delivering finer features, tighter tolerances and fast iteration times to enable first-to-market advantage.

Microfluidics - Used in medical, pharmaceutical, biological, and environmental applications, leverage microscale 3D printing technology to fabricate microfluidic devices faster and easier than a multi-step manual process and less expensive than injection molding.

Electronics Manufacturing - As electronics become miniaturized and subjected to demanding conditions, micro 3D printing offers an alternative production method for connectors, sensor housings, Pick and Place Pallets, jigs and fixtures, and more.

Biomedical Research and Engineering - For research groups and companies using novel materials, like hydrogels and bio-inks, B9Creations micro 3D printer and material development services and software enable custom materials to come to life.


See the solution being used in universities and Fortune 500 companies worldwide by brands ranging from Medtronic to Johnson & Johnson, CollPlant, University of Basel, University of Missouri, University of Texas, electronic manufacturers, and more.

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"In medical devices, we often hear, 'Can you make it smaller?' With our Elite Micro, we can now say, 'Yes!' You achieve fine feature size, high speed, and reasonable cost—truly a 'hat trick' of micro printing."


Elite Micro with Onyx

High-End Micro 3D Printer Performance at 1/4 the Price

Leveraging patented technology, the B9 Elite Micro 3D printers are precise, fast, and easy to use.

  • Out-of-the-box and printing in 15 minutes and never requires calibration
  • Faster than industry average with 10 um effective resolution
  • Factory startup assistance and lifetime support included
  • A robust suite of design, engineering, and biocompatible materials
  • Open to third-party materials with B9Captivate software, a material development toolkit, or leverage B9Creations' custom material development service
  • Intelligent print preparation, management, and monitoring software with microscale features built in
  • Streamlined workflow with automated cleaning & curing post-processing units
  • Service packages include training and installation, quarterly check-ins, ongoing training, hot swap program, extended warranties, master classes in microscale supporting and post-processing techniques, ongoing discounts on consumables and material settings development, and more

See our Product Guide for all hardware, software, accessories, materials, and services.

Micro Results Page

Real Customers. Real Results.

Explore video testimonials on the outcomes achieved through our 3D printing technology, capabilities, partnership, and beyond.

  • Enabling Complex Microscale Medical Device Production with Johnson & Johnson
  • Transforming Mechanical Engineering: Insights from Penn State's SHAPE Lab
  • Printing Hope: Advancing Prosthetic Development & Neurological Research with University of Colorado
  • The Fastest DLP Printer with Unparalleled Precision with Medtronic
  • Biotech Company Pioneers Next-Gen Therapies with B9Creations Technology
  • B9Creations Role in Accelerating Time to Market for Endoscopic Ultrasound Technology
  • Revolutionizing Robotics: 3D Printing Innovations at Lake Area Technical College 


Leverage Capabilities that Future-Proof Your Additive Strategy.

Custom 3D Printing Platforms & Resin Vats

Customizable additive manufacturing platforms and accessories, such as material vats that minimize resin usage for high-cost or small batch size materials, equipped with industry leading part-to-part and printer-to-printer repeatability and unmatched support.


Material Services 

Leverage the B9Creations' materials science team to develop material settings for your custom or third-party resin tuned to your application.


Custom Material Settings Development Software Toolkit

Optimize for the chemistry of your custom materials and the geometry of your part so you can develop settings perfectly engineered for your application with our software toolkit.


Software Ecosystems

Take advantage of limited and private network option for offline work, CAM software optimized for your product facilities and workflow to reduce user interaction, or integration options with existing production management systems, internal automation, or custom development.

Discover the Next-Gen B9 Elite Micro 3D Printer

Watch our webinar to see the future of micro 3D printing unfold and how the Elite Micro Series is revolutionizing additive manufacturing, unlock potential across medical, research, education, bioprinting, and industrial applications.


  • Head of Product presents an in-depth exploration of the B9 Elite Micro from its effective resolution of 10 microns to micro-specific materials, CAM software and services
  • Founder and CTO shares the customer collaborations that fueled this next-gen technology and the IP powering this 3D ecosystem
  • Solutions Engineer walking through applications in the micro space and customer case studies

Watch the Webinar

"The printer's micro capabilities are impressive as is the speed, and we appreciate the partnership on the third-party material settings development as well. We need a printer that can deliver high-resolution parts in a variety of specialty materials depending upon the application."

Pioneering Research With 3D Printing

See how universities are:

  • Finding the cure for osteoarthritis through 3D cultures
  • Stopping counterfeiting in its tracks with invisible 3D printed QR codes
  • 3D printing in microgravity for use on the International Space Station
  • Creating 3D printed self-sending parts to detect structural damage
  • Tracking wildlife populations with 3D printed expandable collars
  • Designing and testing 3D printed biopsy needles with complex designs that cannot be manufactured using traditional methods
  • Researching robotic skin with pressure sensors to detect blood pulsation and body weight 

Check out more research publications featuring universities and researchers around the world leveraging B9Creations' additive manufacturing technology to bring their ideas to life. 

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