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Making high-resolution 3D printing
work for you.

B9Creations was built on the belief that 3D printing technology could serve businesses better and more profitably. By taking feedback from our customers and combining it with our patented technology, we bring you 3D printing solutions designed to exceed expectations. The B9Creations product line is engineered to give users fast, dependable, and easy-to-use solutions that deliver unmatched print resolution and value. Whether it’s custom design or large-scale manufacturing, lean on B9Creations’ 3D printing solutions and know you’ve got the best value in the industry.

Industry-leading Expertise

We've built a network of partners with expertise in various industries, capable of answering any questions you may have from CAD to conversion from milling, to casting tips, and how to leverage your 3D printer in your sales process to grow your business. The B9Creations team of 3D printing experts is available to field technology-specific questions and ensure you get the products you need. To guarantee your new 3D printer begins generating a return on your investment immediately, we’re now including remote factory startup assistance with every B9 Core Series machine sold.

The B9 Core Series Launch in Jewelry


 A Note from Mike
Founder & CTO

A big thank you to all our loyal customers and others who gave us feedback, helping us understand what jewelers felt was missing from 3D printing. Jewelers told us they felt stuck choosing between low-cost technology that was slow and labor intensive or faster, easier to use technology that cost an arm and a leg to own and operate. Your feedback motivated us to create the new B9 Core Series, bringing you a combination of resolution, speed, and first-class user experience never before found at this price. Though the look is new and the company has grown, our passion remains the same – making high-resolution 3D printing technology work for you.


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