B9Creations Software and Windows 11

With the recent release of Windows 11, we wanted to let you know about our plan to add Windows 11 to our supported operated systems. At the moment, B9Creations software still only supports Windows 10 and we highly recommend that you hold off updating to Windows 11 if you depend on B9Create 2.0 or B9Captivate.

B9 Core Series Release Notes Software 2021.8.6

Release Notes - B9Create_2.0_2021.8.6_installer.exe:

Important Notes on Compatibility:

  1. CPJx files created with version 2021.8.6 cannot be opened in older versions of B9Create 2.0. Please update to version 2021.8.6, which can open CPJx files from any version of B9Create 2.0.
  2. If you are currently using B9Create version 1.9.24, it is strongly recommended that you update to 2021.8.6 as soon as possible. In a few weeks, you will not be able to change the build table size in version 1.9.24. Updating to version 2021.8.6 will fix this issue.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Supports attached to reinforcements behave more consistently.
  2. The manual rotation inputs in the sidebar correctly update the Z height offset.
  3. Part foundations are correctly generated using the part's current transformation.
  4. Duplicated models populate with the correct name, part template, visibility, and support angle.
  5. CPJx files shown on the printer correctly render the supports underneath the parts.
  6. The calculated build volume is more accurate.
  7. Support and foundation presets correctly populate the dropdowns when opening a saved auto support configuration.
  8. Users on a trial license can choose from a default list of printers in the Printer Type dropdown.
  9. Support bases slice at the correct position even if their support base visibility was toggled off.
  10. STL paths can contain non-English characters.

B9 Core Series Release Notes Firmware 88

Release Notes - 1.9.23_Firmware_82:

New Features:

• Print progress can be monitored, paused, or aborted from B9Create 2.0.
• CPJx files on a printer can be downloaded to your computer.
• Selected parts can be repositioned by clicking and dragging them in the XY plane.
• The "Tiny", "Thin", "Medium", and "Thick" support preset values have been updated.
• The "Default" support preset uses the currently selected printer type to create a support optimized for that printer's resolution and build table size.
• A new "Custom Material" option has been added to the Material dropdown for projects using custom or third-party materials.
• All of a part's supports can be selected by right-clicking the part and choosing "Select Part Supports".
• The foundation is taken into consideration when determining if a part contacts the build table.
• Slice Type (FAST™, Surface Finish, Traditional) has been added to the Printer Dashboard.
• After slicing a project, the Printer List can be accessed using the Back button in the Printer Manager.
• Rendering performance has been improved, most notably for projects with a large amount of supports.
• An option for displaying partial supports on camera move has been added, which can improve rendering performance.
• An option for disabling user interface animations has been added.

Bug Fixes:

• Part scale is applied when generating a foundation.
• Part scale is applied when displaying the Contour Line in Support mode.
• Straighten Tips, Angle Tips, and Reset Base Positions no longer cause all supports to migrate to a single part.
Reinforcements are now properly hidden by the Sectioning Tool.
• The loading overlay for auto supporting correctly displays while the operation is running.
• The undo history is cleared when opening a project or creating a new project.

Support Presets

B9 Core Series Release Notes Firmware 82

Release Notes - 1.9.23_Firmware_82:


Multiple duplicates can be created at once.
Duplicates are grouped together in the Parts List sidebar and can be controlled in bulk (selection, orientation, visibility, deletion).
Duplicated parts share one instance of the underlying model mesh, improving rendering performance.

Project Saving:

Bugs with overwriting existing CPJx files have been fixed.
The units used when importing each part are correctly saved and loaded.

Supporting Bug Fixes:

A bug where support tips would all be reset to the part's origin upon reopening a CPJx has been fixed.
Short supports now correctly rebuild their shafts when the part is moved in the Z direction.

Slicing User Interface:

Slicing can be cancelled before completion.
Clearing slices displays a loading overlay until completed.

3D Movement Improvements:

Moving the 3D scene has been optimized for better performance when multiple parts or supports are loaded.
A bug where selecting multiple parts could incorrectly set the part rotation has been fixed.\

Known Bugs with Supporting:

Dragging a supported part in the Z direction and then using Undo to revert the changes does not properly undo the changes to support height. To fix this, slightly drag the part in the Z direction again.

Using the Z position input field to change the Z height of a supported part does not properly rebuild supports for the new Z height. To fix this, slightly drag the part in the Z direction using the 3D arrows.

If both a model-to-model support and a model-to-floor support are selected, editing the support anatomy can occasionally cause the model-to-model support to project down to the floor. To fix this, undo the change and edit the model-to-model support separately.

B9 Core Series Release Notes Firmware 80

Release Notes - 1.9.21_Firmware_80

Bug Fixes:

Fixes an issue where .cpjx files that contain reinforcement may not have reloaded.
Fixes issues where slices may be lost when overwriting .cpjx files.
Models that are not visible are no longer sliced.
Contour line respects model scaling.
Contour line respects sectioning planes.
Context menu actions will now apply to all selected supports.
Fixes issue where moving a model with supports and a foundation in the z would not modify the supports correctly.
Scaling is now correctly disabled when a model is supported.
Correctly generates foundation on .cpjx load.
Hiding support bases also toggles the ability to pick the support base.
Improves .cpjx preview images used by the the printer.
Improvements to overall stability.


Improves .cpjx load times.
Improves 3D transformation control.
Improves camera rotation usability.
Mouse zoom levels are increased and smoother at high zoom in level.
Adds option to invert mouse zoom.
Mouse panning is now tied to zoom level. Pan Speed has been removed as it is no longer relevant.
Support area shading is removed with 5 microns of the build table to provide a visualization of attachment.
Relaxes the ability to add supports in tiny areas. These supports will typically require adjustments.
Adds an option to toggle the contour line when supporting. May help performance when supporting on lower end computers.
Adds new build table model for XL printers.
Auto arrange now allows a padding in mm between models.
Adds arrow keys for small increases to model positions.
Allows modifying the lower tip of a model to model support.
Increases available floating point precision of model scaling.
Adds a Home Button with the existing zoom and view buttons at the bottom of the scene.
Various improvements to overall usability.

Firmware 80:

Adds FastWax
Adds Resilient Silicone

B9 Core Series Release Notes Firmware 76

This firmware enables our patent-pending FAST™ technology powered by B9Create 2.0 Pioneer Edition.

Our FAST™ technology powered by B9Create 2.0 Pioneer Edition will optimize your 3D print processes like never before – with fewer supports, better surface finish, pinpoint accuracy, and painless post processing.

Backed by patent-pending technology that delivers pinpoint accuracy and even better surface finish, this software sets a new standard in state-of-the-art. As a valued customer, this technology offers an upgrade path for existing machines in the field, making them as cutting edge as when they first came off the line.

Sharpen the effective resolution of your Core 530 printer to <15μm, your Core 550 printer to <25μm, or your Core Med 500 printer to <25μm.

With a sleek, new intuitive interface, users can leverage Workflow mode that intelligently lays out, orients, and auto-supports parts in four easy steps or drop into Design Mode to adjust a breadth of parameters to fine-tune results. Full of features designed to streamline your workflow, you’ll benefit from mirroring supports, part template libraries, slicing time in minutes, and more.

Interested in learning more? 

See the software demo or get more information here.

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.31 Firmware 74

B9Create - Firmware

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue with B9 Captivate plugin connectivity.
Fixed bug that sometimes prevented print time from being visible..
Fixed exposure timing bug.
Fixed issue causing prints to be corrupted when the printer is shut down during the unzip process.

B9Create - Desktop


Updated installer to no longer launch while B9 Create is running.
Slice type is now displayed in desktop history.
Slice type is now displayed in last print info.
Added support for B9 Core 500 Med printer.



Materials for B9 Core 500 Med printer.
B9R-6 Gray with draft and recommended settings.
B9R-4 Yellow with recommended settings.
B9R-2 Black with recommended settings.
BioRes White with recommended settings.
BioRes Red with draft and recommended settings.
Rugged - Nylon 6 with draft and recommended settings.

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.31 Firmware 61

System stability improvements

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.30 Firmware 60

See the launch of our new high-resolution HD Slate!

Formulated for highly detailed, microscale parts with thin walls and features. With no z-bleed, parts have crisp detail and excellent readability.

Optimized for surface finish. Features as small as 100 μm. Precise detail is great for molding and model making.

See the material info sheet.

B9Create - Firmware


Other updates include updating Yellow resin settings to improve adherence to build table.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a potential file corruption bug that could cause issues with firmware updates

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.29 Firmware 59

See the launch of our Engineering Resin line with Rugged - Nylon 6.

Equivalent to injection-molded nylon, Rugged – Nylon 6 features low modulus, high elongation, and high impact strength making it ideal for snap-fit and wear-resistant parts.

Tough enough to stand up the rigors on long-term, real-world use replacing injection molded components, Rugged – Nylon 6 is also well-suited for functional testing and low- to mid-volume production runs.

See the material property data sheet.

B9Create - Firmware


  • Updated German, French, Italian, Korean, and Dutch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed locking up the print finished screen when printing from History on a fresh boot.
  • Fixed Captivate materials not deleting properly

B9Create - Print Manager


  • Updated German, and Japanese.
  • Added warning on Queue page for when the printer firmware is too old to use the queue.
  • Added warning on Print Library page for when the printer firmware is too old to use Surface Finish.
  • Updated German

B9Create - Print Editor

  • Updated German, and Japanese.
  • Fixed "Front" "Back" "Left" and "right" view buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where a print may fail to start if a surface finish slice was cancelled and switched to normal slicing.

1.0.1 B9Captivate User Changes


  • Added German and Spanish translations.
  • "Save" and "Save As" buttons now exist.
  • Added new icon for B9MatD files. Windows Only.
  • Added ability to package B9Mat files together to allow for a material with multiple thicknesses. 

Bug Fixes

  • Empty Quality fields no longer save their default values to the file on Enterprise.
  • Improved networking stability.
  • Fixed issues where trailing 0's would disappear.
  • Allowed versions to have multiple decimal places.
  • Fixed issue causing Windows users to have to reenter all their data on every update.
  • Fixed issue where deleted materials may not actually be deleted.

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.27 Firmware 57


See the newest features in our B9Create software driven by your feedback: Queue and Surface Finish, responding to the market’s desire for improved surface finish and the ability to more efficiently manage printing workflow in high-volume applications better than ever before.

Designed for the B9 Core Series, use our new Surface Finish feature for when a flawless finish is a must – perfect for making master molds or unique pieces requiring superior smoothness.

Driven by user feedback, the new Surface Finish software feature augments the exceptional print speed and crisp detail of the B9 Core Series with remarkable smoothness that reduces post-processing time. Ideal for when a flawless finish is a must, Surface Finish was designed for making master molds or unique pieces requiring a superior finish.

The Queue feature in B9Create makes managing high-volume production easy, offering customers an intuitive way to optimize their workday no matter how many models, machines or team members are involved.  Our software now enables separation of process management and scheduling from the act of printing.  Shop Floor or Production Managers can prioritize workflow and leave the printing to technician due the speed and simplicity of the Core Series platform, powered by B9Create, B9Creations free software package.

With Queue, you can:

  • Batch upload files to your printer
  • Select models, materials, and resolution
  • Slice files directly in the Queue
  • Reorder and delete models with a click
  • Update the Queue in real time on your printer
  • Lock your list in Print Manager mode
  • Get time estimates for your Queue
  • Reprint or move to the next model at the printer

Additional features include improved supports closer to build table, Tiny Supports added as a default support type, and "Front" and "Back" text added to the build table.

All features are available in B9Creations free software, B9Create, available for download here.

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.26 Firmware 56


  • Improved Gray Material Settings
  • Improved Time Estimations
  • B9Captivate Custom Material Development Software Launch

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.24 Firmware 54

B9 Create - Firmware


  • Added new black settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Blank Layer user abort issue.

B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.21 Firmware 51

B9 Create - Firmware


  • Updated Korean
  • Updated Chinese
  • Updated Italian
  • Updated Dutch
  • Updated Japanese
  • Multiple prints may now be deleted at once from the print library using multi-select.
  • Print Info button is now always visible in the print library.
  • Support Packages containing log files may be downloaded from the printer via USB drive.
  • Added Gray resin settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed duplication of prints caused by print names with non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed history material quality not being displayed as translated.
  • Fixed non-ASCII file names to appear correctly on USB drives.

B9 Create - Print Manager


  • Updated Korean
  • Updated Chinese
  • Updated Italian
  • Updated Dutch
  • Updated Japanese
  • Can now cancel auto support generation
  • When saving a project with one STL for the first time, that STL's name is now the default name.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed auto support generation of 1% to generate more supports than 100% while still missing needed areas of support.
  • Fixed auto support popup from closing while still generating supports.
  • Fixed auto supports from crashing the program.
  • Fixed "Set Control Preferences" popup and "Set Support Settings" popup from staying open after the program is closed.
  • Fixed history material quality not being displayed as translated.
  • Fixed spin box from preventing users to input angles with hundredth precision.


B9 Core Series Release Notes 1.0.18 Firmware 48



  • Added Korean translation.
  • Added Chinese translation.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Portuguese translation.
  • Added Wi-Fi Signal strength to main page and networking settings page, as well as disconnected from Wi-Fi/ethernet and connected to ethernet.
  • Increased the maximum size of log files to gather more history.
  • Updated error codes and messages to conform to the updated error code documentation.
  • General network connectivity improvements to improve performance and stability.
  • Improved material settings for Emerald and Yellow to reduce surface defects.

Bug Fixes:

  • Added key to flag if z home offset total gets set below 0.
  • Networking code checks for new IP every minute to avoid the UI becoming outdated.
  • Wi-Fi signal strength better reflects actual signal strength.
  • Networking will no longer become stuck in static mode when booted into static mode.
  • Improved robustness of code that may potentially trigger error code 25001, to minimize/prevent this error scenario.
  • Improved robustness of code that may potentially trigger error code 25007, to minimize/prevent this error scenario.
  • Fixed an issue which caused print failed messages to not be displayed.
  • Modified progress spinner to be less memory intensive.
  • Modified Print finish screen to make the open door prompt not look like a button.

Print Manager - Print Editor


  • Added Korean translation.
  • Added French translation.
  • Added Chinese translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Portuguese translation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where a logfile may have failed to download.
  • Fixed an issue where the undo redo may have become out of sync, which would load the wrong size of an STL.
  • Modified spinner to be less memory intensive.
  • "Snap to Floor" and "Snap to Foundation" should now work as expected.
  • Changed print editor text fields to prevent instances where text may have gone missing. (the text fields that define a models position/rotation/etc or a support length and size).
  • Changed reset orientation code to perform a snap to floor/foundation when complete.

// Firmware 43
+ Added Dutch
+ Added Italian
+ User can rename a file that they are transferring to the printer via USB
+ User can delete custom materials from their printer.

// 1.0.15
* fixed a bug that could prevent switching to english translation
* limited maximum size of "busy" spinner.
* In Print Editor, changed notation of X & Y rotation to A and B to reflect is model centric and not global coordinates
* In Print Editor, fixed bug with model position z not displaying the correct number when snapped to floor.
* In Print Editor, fixed Mac issue where the Print Previewer would become unusable after going to full screen.
+ Added feature for custom material settings to support 3rd party resins
+ Added Dutch translation
+ Added Italian translation
+ Added a warning for printers that have firmware too outdated for custom materials.
+ In Print Editor, added user settings page with options: invert scroll, invert camera drag, disable left click, set default tool
+ In Print Editor, added Custom Supports settings page for users to define their own light, medium, heavy supports.
+ In Print Editor, model names will highlight red when the software doesn't think they are attached to the build table.
+ In Print Editor, user can Print Preview slices even if they don't have the STL for the model if the model was previously sliced.
+ In Print Editor, user can now minimize the program while it is slicing or adding a large model.
+ In Print Editor, user can lock axis while orienting by holding down shift or ctrl

//1.0.12 Change Log
* Updated Japanese translations
* Changed Duplicate so that prints will pick a random spot on the build table if there is not room for them to fit.
* Made duplicate function select newly duplicated object
+ Added ability to drop STL or CPJ files onto B9C2 while running.
- Removed “Analyze after slicing” check box in the Print Editor

// Firmware 38
* Fixed bug causing roughness on some prints
* Changed network selection menu to put up a wait spinner until it finishes updating the network list.
* Made Print Library center on selected print properly
* Changed statistics to display Printing Time instead of Printer on time.
* Fixed an issue that could cause random printer “freeze-ups”.
* Updated Japanese translations
* Rearranged Settings menu on the printer
+ Added better hardware fault handling messages
- removed "Networking Busy" Popup on printer, now part of Networking page

//1.0.11 Change Log

* added a confirmation pop-up to confirm firmware update with user before proceeding.
* reworked dialogs in print editor for usability.
* attempting to open a second instance of the program will now "attempt" to bring the first to the front, and pass it a clicked file.
* fixed a support issue when a support was told to "make vertical" - the bottom of the support would be floating
* simplified the save structure in the print editor
* fixed issues caused by exporting nothing in the Print Editor
* fixed issue caused by opening or importing an empty file
* fixed support selection from list when using all languages
* fixed issue where printers would be missing a status icon
* allow upload, download, and delete when in print finished state
+ added dialog that tells the user the printer is full when uploading a print
+ added batch selection for some tools when holding ctrl down.
- removed "is already running" popup

// Current Firmware version: 36
* improved settings for Emerald and Yellow resin
* fixed foundations/first ~1mm printing too thin
* fixed USB Transfer page to only show transfer related popups if a USB is plugged in.
* fixed some cases in Print Library where a .cpj file wasn't being deleted if registration failed
* fixed print library issues causing cpj file to not be deleted when they should be
* fixed a case where we would display the print finished page, but primary had already gone to print ready state.
* fixed default values in advanced network settings so that the user has less to type in.
* fixed a case where the "applying network settings" popup could get stuck on the screen
* fixed failed registration messages to go through translation code -- might not be translated yet
* fixed issue that cause printer to occasionally crash/freeze when in Wi-Fi no connection state.
* fixed case where printer wouldn't enter "sleep mode"
* fixed bugs on USB transfer page
+ added a way to manually enter a network name instead of only being able to select it from a list.
+ added history clear button
+ Added French -- printer only

//1.0.9 Change Log

+ (B9 Create) Added Yellow Material Settings
+ (B9 Create) Added Black Material Settings
+ Added Japanese Translations
+ Added multiple keyboards

* Fixed Print Library initialization bug
* Fixed Material Library initialization bug
* Fixed Material Library Quality Settings bug 

//1.0.8 Change Log

+ Added Change Log

+ Added Portuguese Translations
+ Added new icons to Print Editor
+ Added "Import CPJ" - Allows users to import another project file into their existing project file.
+ Can now change printer name from Print Manager
+ Added "Machine Time Tracking" to Printer

* Changed Print Manager Popups to be one size.
* Changed highlight color for tab selection.
* Made printing percentage text smaller on printer.

* Changed how supports are loaded to fix the "Missing Support Bug" Note that corrupted files must be re-supported, they can not be repaired.