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"One of the driving factors for us deciding on the B9 was that added precision that we needed for our parts."

- Adrian Prince | Mechanical Engineer at Actuonix Motion Devices Inc


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How the World's Largest Medical Device Company is Overcoming Obstacles With the B9 Core Series

Scott Tuominen, Senior Principal Design Technician at the world's largest medical device company, explains how with B9Creations technology, he's now able to produce parts with micro features that were previously impossible to 3D print, as well as accomplish the turnaround in just one hour.

B9Creations Technology Enabling Microscale Medical Device Production

Kevin Herrera, an R&D engineer within Johnson & Johnson's Cardiovascular and Specialty Solutions Group, explains the difficulty he faced when trying to 3D print a complex microscale component on several 3D printers. He sent the design to B9Creations and received his 3D printed part the very next day. Now, he’s getting this type of part in minutes with the B9 Core Series 3D printers they have in-house.

EndoSound's Mission and Success Through Collaboration With B9Creations

B9Creations sat down with Josh Cohn, Chief Commercial Officer at EndoSound, to discuss everything from their mission to tackling unique challenges in their field. Listen in as we delve into a specific project, discussing its requirements, challenges, and how collaborating with B9Creations contributed to its success.


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