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B9 Micro 3D Printer Saves Medical Device Manufacturer $120K+ Annually

B9 Micro 3D Printer Saves Medical Device Manufacturer $120K+ Annually

December 19, 2023 – By Rachael Ballard


Medtronic Puerto Rico, a leading medical device manufacturer with a workforce of 1,500 employees, operates a state-of-the-art production facility specializing in manufacturing aids, jigs, fixtures, and molds. One of their critical components, a mold tip, was being produced at a scale of 400 parts per day using traditional injection molding.



The high cost and time associated with traditional injection molding processes. The production of 100,000 mold tips annually incurred significant expenses, with an estimated cost of $1.25 per part.



1. Cost Reduction: Achieve substantial cost savings in the production of mold tips, currently amounting to over $125,000 annually.
2. Improved Efficiency: Streamline production processes to reduce iteration time, enhance production speed, and minimize operational complexities.
3. In-House Production: Transition from outsourcing machining services for specific components, including three high-cost parts and an assembly aid, to in-house production for increased cost-effectiveness.


B9Creations' Micro 3D Printer Solution:

To address these challenges and achieve their objectives, Medtronic Puerto Rico adopted B9Creations' micro 3D printer, the B9 Elite Micro.

“Our facility is saving $120,000 a year by switching from injection molding to a B9Creations 3D printer.”

Total Production Capacity: 400 Parts per Day / ~100,000 Parts per Year

Product Iteration Time:

  • Previous (Outsourced Injection Molding): 2-6 Weeks​
  • Now (B9Creations Micro 3D Printer): 1 Day ​(100 Parts Print in < 1 Hour)​

Production Time:

  • Previous (Outsourced Injection Molding): 10 Seconds/Part
  • Now (B9Creations Micro 3D Printer): 36 Seconds/Part​


  • Previous (Outsourced Injection Molding): New Tool for Each Part Iteration, Machine Program for Each Iteration/Production Difference​
  • Now (B9Creations Micro 3D Printer): New CAD File, Same Fast Print Time


  • Previous (Outsourced Injection Molding): $1.25/Part, $125,000 Annually
  • Now (B9Creations Micro 3D Printer): $0.002/Part, $200 Annually ($8-12K Monthly Savings, $120K+ Annual Savings) 

“We have three more parts we will be saving $20,000 per PO and an assembly aid we use daily that will save us $30,000 per PO by leveraging B9Creations technology.”



  • Medtronic Puerto Rico now experiences monthly savings of $8-12K, translating to annual savings of over $120,000.
  • Three additional parts that were previously outsourced at $20,000 per purchase order are now produced in-house for a fraction of the cost.
  • An assembly aid used daily is expected to yield $30,000 in savings per purchase order.