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3 Ways 3D Printing Increases Jewelry Customer Service

3 Ways 3D Printing Increases Jewelry Customer Service

June 26, 2018 – By Sam Suess

The ability to grow a jewelry business depends on delivering quality products to customers faster. No matter the size of your operation, we know that you don’t want to keep your customers waiting while your production is halted. Whether you currently outsource production, use a mill, or hand carve wax models, 3D printing can significantly cut production times, ensure consistent lead times for your products, and help your customers choose their custom pieces faster.


Imagine printing your castable models in one hour. How would that change your business?

Before Mike Baumann of Neugebauer’s Fine Jewelry adopted the B9 Core 530, he was constantly milling to keep up with orders.

“Using milling, I was always 3 days behind, no matter what. And I’d mill all day every day. And then the mill wouldn’t always present the detail I was hoping for."

3D printing not only increased his production capabilities, but also improved his work life. Now instead of constantly running the mill in the back to fulfill his orders, he can spend more time in his storefront connecting with customers, and in turn, driving more business.

Another common means of production is outsourcing to a service bureau. This can take anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks to receive models, and there is no way to guarantee that your model won’t be damaged in transit, setting you back even more time.

Consider this: In the time it takes an outsourced model to get back to you (5 business days on average), you could have printed 53 separate models or even as many as 318.

Outsourcing Math

“Since the implementation of the B9 Core 530 into the Fireworks’ Gallery workflow, we’ve saved an average of 30 hours a week on setup, printing, and cleanup.” - Bruce Trick, Fireworks Gallery

Owning a B9 Core printer will ensure that your customers are receiving their custom jewelry as fast as possible.


Saving time without sacrificing quality is key to keeping a great reputation with customers.

With larger-scale production comes vulnerability when certain processes are more time consuming and specialized than others. If only a few, highly trained people can run a machine, then the success of the business hinges on those key people being able to consistently work. If someone misses work, takes a vacation, or takes a new position, your production stops.

This will never be the case with the B9 Core:

  • No calibrations
  • No vat recoating
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Anyone in your shop can operate

The ease of use of the B9 Core machines allows for your production lines to continue regardless of circumstance. Our machines are a plug-and-play solution that can be up and running in 15 minutes, and one person, with no specialized expertise, can operate multiple machines at once.


Rapid prototyping of jewelry can help your customers come to a decision to buy faster.

Oscar Valencia, President of Diamonds Inc. and Master Casting and Cad, knows this very well. He runs a casting house and a retail jewelry store and has been using 3D printing technology in his businesses for 15 years, with 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. The B9 Core 530 completely changed the purchasing experience of his customer and grew his bottom line.

A customer can walk in, describe what they want, and be given a prototype of their ideal piece in 15 minutes or a castable model in 45 minutes. Compare this to outsourcing or milling which can leave the customer without a tangible model (and your business without a sale) for days to weeks.

“The sooner we can have a prototype for them to look at, the sooner we can get approval, and the sooner we can get the sale. That same day it can go in for casting.”

What would your business look like if you could get design confirmation and send a piece off to cast on the same day the customer walked into your store?

Success in retail jewelry depends on your ability to put quality pieces in the hands of customers faster. Production, sales, and consistency are all improved by 3D printing. This technology is a necessity to compete in the market today and the B9 Core printers are a great and affordable option to permanently improve the capabilities of your business.

“This B9 Core 550 is the most amazing piece of equipment anyone could have. Speed, accuracy, ease of use, and incredible features throughout. I am in complete shock at what I can do with this fine instrument. I am using it every day. Design, print, cast, and set for a $15,000 job in less than 24 hours. Nothing can come close to what the B9 Core Series can do.” - Frank Kapplow, Delmas Diamonds & Jewelers

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