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From Retail to Wholesale, Oscar's 3D Printing Solution

September 21, 2017 – By Becca Golliher

Oscar Valencia, President of Diamonds Inc. and Master Casting and Cad, not only has his own thriving storefront jewelry business located in the heart of Chicago, but also maintains an in-house business, casting and repairing pieces for jewelers nationwide. Surrounded by 180 other jewelers under the same roof, the environment encourages Oscar and his team to find ways to stand out and prove their value. Their solution? The B9 Core Series 3D printer.

Diamonds Inc. houses one of the biggest jewelry collections in the building and specializes in customizing pieces, turning any concept into a tangible piece of jewelry with ongoing client input. By creating a design in CAD software and 3D printing its physical prototype in 45 minutes, customers see their concept come to life, giving them complete control over the way their completed piece will look.

The B9 Core Series “changed the whole concept of 3D printing for us,” Oscar says. With 20 years in the jewelry business and 15 using 3D printing technology, he finally found the best solution through B9Creations products.

 With the integration of the B9 Core 530 into their business operations, production times were cut to days instead of weeks.  Oscar knows that in one work day, he produces 5 times the amount he used to produce with a different machine. He now prints and casts models in the same day, benefiting his storefront by growing his customer base, cutting costs,  and enabling quick turnaround, but also benefiting jewelers around the nation that depend on him for their own clients’ pieces.

Through this plug-and-play solution, Oscar and his employees save time typically spent calibrating and zeroing their old machines that had too many moving parts and were always breaking down.

“The sooner we can have a prototype for them to look at, the sooner we can get approval, and the sooner we can get the sale. That same day it can go in for casting,” Oscar says, knowing that everything in retail jewelry comes down to speed, and the solution is the B9 Core Series.