Meet the new standard in high-precision, jewelry 3D printing. 

XL 405 3D Printer WebThe B9 Core Series 3D printers and our line of design, castable & mold resins allow you to:
  • Get custom 3D prints at mass production costs
  • Make master molds with 5 button pushes
  • Print try-on models in 15 minutes that deliver customer deposits sooner
  • Enjoy same-day casting with superior surface finish and repeatable results
B9 Create 2.0


B9Creations serves high-precision applications in nearly 70 countries, including the Casting House, Riddle's,  Master Casting & CAD, and more.

To help you explore the integration of additive technology into your business, B9Creations offers on-demand 3D printing services, from castable models to try-ons, silicone molds, metal mold replacements and more.

Leveraging patented technology, our 3D printers are out-of-the-box and printing in 15 minutes, with factory startup assistance included, print 4 times faster than industry average, and never require calibration. 

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