//1.8.6 Change Log
-Increased Tesselator Memory to fix solidify scanned shell feature on more complex models.
-Fixed some slicing bugs caused by flush support shapes.

//1.8.5 Change Log
-Added "Enable Bleed Corrections" checkbox to Pre-Print dialog, enabled by default.
-Fixed models with periods and spaces in filename not loading into layout correctly.
-Fixed file dialogs not showing files correctly while spanish add-on is enabled.
-Fixed slicing bug where occasionally a blank layer would appear in the job file.

//1.8.4 Change Log
-Improved Slicing Speed by a factor of 2 by using new GPU slicing technique.
-Introduced Add-on System with Spanish Translations and Dental Additions.
-Added keyboard shortcuts for switching between support mode tools.
-Added B9R-5-Dent to the materials catalog.
-Stl paths in layout file are now relative.
-Fixed occasional lost comm errors.
-Updated Calibration Prints in The Documents Directory.
-Added Pre-Release lift option to cycle settings.

//1.8.3 Change Log
-Fixed a bug introduced in 1.8.1 that could result in print failure when restarting after an abort

//1.8.2 Change Log
-Fixed bug that corrupted custom materials in the catalog

//1.8.1 Change Log
-Improved depth of cure control during the print process.
-Added floater removal feature to print process
-Added "Easy Peel" foundation shape.
-Updated the splash screen
-Allowed Models to be pushed below the build table if desired
-Added "Snap To Foundation" feature for more control
-Added Yellow and Emerald Material Settings.
-Added "Solidify Scan" feature to layout
-Added ability to add multiple models to layout at a time.
-Updated Layout view to allow for zooming out further.
-Added ability to associate .stl file with the windows installer/app.
-Added simple measuring tool to layout support mode.
-Fixed issues with linux installer not including some of the correct packages.
-Fixed not being able to select mirrored models in layout.
-Saving job files now defaults to the file name found in the "Job name" field in the slicer plus appends the resolution.
-Fixed firmware bug that left projector turned on in some lost comm situations.
-Fixed firmware bug which could reset lamp hours to zero inadvertently.