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South Dakota: A state with huge manufacturing potential

South Dakota: A state with huge manufacturing potential

March 12, 2019 – By South Dakota Governor's Office Of Economic Development

"When people visualise the next hot-spot for a high-tech manufacturing boom, a small rural state such as South Dakota might not be what be comes to mind. But it should. In South Dakota, a symbiosis of leaders in education, business and state and local governments is harmonising to educate the next generation of savvy high-tech leaders and connect this eager talent pool to a new breed of companies that are changing the face of technological and manufacturing industries.

“There really is no better place to do business than in South Dakota,” Anderson says. “Whether it’s access to working capital, off-setting the cost of new equipment or hiring an intern, the relationship we’ve built with the universities and the local and state economic development agencies has been paramount to our successful growth.”

And because of its tight-knit partnership with SD Mines, three of B9Creation’s mechanical engineers who came from the university agree their career is what it is today because of the opportunities and connections the university has to companies across the nation."



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