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Local company helps promote the new iPhone in London

Local company helps promote the new iPhone in London

October 2, 2018 – By KOTA TV, Cristal Campos

A local company sent their printers overseas for the new iPhone XS launch. B9Creations provides professional 3D printing supplies and printers. When they were approached with the chance to show what 3D printing can do at an iPhone launch in England, they jumped at the opportunity.

"We rushed the order because it was an opportunity that came up suddenly and when you get something like that you just say yes and you go with it. So we shipped them all from right here in the Black Hills," said Dani Mason, the marketing director for B9Creations.

The event took place in London, Birmingham, and Manchester where 150 VIP guests were scanned and miniature 3D models were printed out on the B9 printers to promote the new iPhone. It takes about ten minutes for each figure to print giving each guest a very personalized way to remember a large event.

"When you think about the iPhone it's such an iconic global product, but it's also something that's very personalized to the individual user. So what could be a better match for that than taking something like 3D printing and 3D scanning and creating an event that's just as personalized to the user as their iPhone will be," said Mason about the event.

While the company does have a global presence, their products help local businesses increase their productivity with the ability to make models of anything from jewelry to dentures. You can read the full article at