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Innovation: B9Creations Teams Up With SDC Technologies

Innovation: B9Creations Teams Up With SDC Technologies

May 2, 2019 – By Cara Hetland

“B9Creations and SDC Technologies have opened an Additive Manufacturing Material Development Lab. B9Creations is a provider of 3D printing solutions and SDC Technologies is a leader in optical coatings with applications ranging from NASA space helmets to Anti-Fog commercial refrigeration doors. Joining us today with more is Shon Anderson and he is the CEO of B9Creations.”


Shon Anderson states, “To stay competitive, you’ve got to have technology that enables you to move faster, reduce cost, and serve your customers better. That’s really our focus  serving our customers as an innovation engine bringing them technology at a price point that is easy to use with a customer experience that enables their business to grow.”


Listen to the whole show here.