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    Does Reshoring Enable Higher Utilization of 3D Printing?

    Does Reshoring Enable Higher Utilization of 3D Printing?

    August 22, 2023 – By Katie Hobbins

    There are multiple factors shaping medical device manufacturing. And this has been especially true over the last 3 years with a pandemic, war, economic uncertainty, and disrupted supply chains all creating cracks in the manufacturing ecosystem. While the industry has already seen its shakeups to address these challenges, 2023 seems to be the year in which many companies are implementing strategic changes to start patching the cracks in an effort to move toward more sustainable, and reliable, operation.

    B9Creations, an additive manufacturing company, agreed when interviewed by MD+DI, with a spokesperson noting, “Yes, as the trend toward reshoring continues to gain traction, the implementation of additive manufacturing will likely surge, as well. Onshoring manufacturing, supply chain resiliency, and just-in-time production for products in critical industries, like healthcare, will continue to grow in importance — as will the role additive manufacturing plays in the solution. 3D printing is positioned to play a pivotal role in enabling localized production, customization of complex medical devices, and in the manufacturing process from rapid prototyping to short-run production, spare parts, and manufacturing aids.”

    3D printing can be used in many steps during the manufacturing process, including R&D, design and prototyping, tooling and jig production, customized and small-batch production, and mass customization with both benefits and potential drawbacks, according to B9C.

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