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    CPP & B9Creations Partner to Accelerate Turbine Engine Components

    CPP & B9Creations Partner to Accelerate Turbine Engine Components

    May 29, 2024 – By Dani Mason

    RAPID CITY, S.D. (March 29, 2024) – Consolidated Precision Products (CPP) and subsidiary Poly6 Technologies have named U.S.-based B9Creations their Global Additive Manufacturing Partner for ultra-precision turbine blade production processes.

    CPP’s vision to provide high-efficiency engine components and process innovation accelerated with its 2019 acquisition of Poly6 Technologies, a potential innovator to the aerospace industry in 2019.

    B9Creations’ alliance with Poly6 began more than 6 years ago and was instrumental bringing Poly6 from an innovative technology to an industrialized process. Beginning with off-the-shelf B9C hardware, the relationship quickly grew to include a software toolset enabling management of Poly6’s unique materials/printer interaction and semi-custom hardware capable of meeting the intense dimensional accuracy requirements of the application.

    “Poly6 surveyed the SLA / DLP industry and found no other company that matched the process control, hardware consistency, customer service and unit economics of B9C, applicable to industrial manufacturing.” Matthew Stellmaker, Poly6 Founder.

    Following the acquisition by CPP, the company’s focus has been process excellence, regulatory certifications, and customer quality system compliance. Today, CPP uses Poly6’s technology to deliver high pressure turbine components for next generation commercial engines at a speed and efficiency that was not possible just a few years ago, enabled by an ongoing alliance with B9Creations that continually pushes the limits of additive manufacturing at scale in one of the most demanding applications in the aerospace industry.

    “CPP’s capability to provide high pressure turbine components to OEMs is enhanced through the success of Poly6. The alliance with B9Creations has enabled Poly6 to redefine dimensional control and agility while meeting strict aerospace standards.” James Stewart, CPP CEO.

    Consolidated Precision Products is comprised of 16 global casting facilities and 4,500+ employees manufacturing products for the aerospace, defense and industrial gas turbine markets, specializing in high-precision, geometrically complex aerospace systems, components and subassemblies.

    As a key enabler of flight-ready aerospace components and large-scale production ramp-up, B9Creations developed customized solutions for Poly6 and CPP, including:

    • A first-in-market software tool for optimization of additive manufacturing production processes and parameters
    • A suite of custom 3D printing platforms designed to meet both build area and dimensional accuracy requirements associated with turbine blade applications
    • Software integrations into Poly6’s manufacturing execution system (MES) to track and control the entire production lifecycle
    • Additive 2.0 enabled technology and fleet management software, where Poly6 could move from prototyping to scaled production on their fleet of systems with continuous isotropic 3D printing
    • Lean manufacturing expertise for site layout, production optimization, installation, operational and performance qualifications (IQ, OQ, PQ)

    “Ownership and mastery of the intersection of our IP, hardware, software, and materials capabilities and owning our own production here in the USA enables us to readily customize our additive manufacturing systems to specific applications and address pressing business challenges at all points of scale. Helping industries address workforce, capital, and capacity challenges via additive manufacturing solutions is our core competency. We believe this integrated approach will be the cornerstone of additive manufacturing 2.0, offering unparalleled flexibility and innovation potential for customers who recognize that successful production applications of additive require great partnerships,” said Shon Anderson, B9Creations CEO.

    With more than 60% of its hardware, software, and material solutions tailored to customer applications, B9Creations serves customers in nearly 70 countries worldwide in high-precision industries such aerospace, defense, medical devices, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, dental, research and education, and luxury goods manufacturing.

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    About B9Creations

    As a global provider of ultra-precision additive manufacturing solutions for more than a decade, B9Creations makes additive manufacturing deliver results through powerful technology, software, materials, and a customer-centric, turnkey solutions approach.

    It now stands as the additive manufacturing market leader in high-precision industries such as medical, aerospace and defense, luxury goods manufacturing, education and research, and beyond. B9Creations serves customers and certified dealers in nearly 70 countries around the globe. Find us online at, on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and LinkedIn.


    About Poly6 Technologies

    Acquired by Consolidated Precision Products in 2019, Poly6 Technologies’ innovative material and production processes enable production of key aerospace components with speed and efficiency not attainable using traditional methods. Scaling its technology from the ground up since 2016, Poly6 is leading CPP’s innovation efforts to streamline turbine blade production to meet the growing demand for low-emission engines. Find us online at


    About Consolidated Precision Products

    Consolidated Precision Products is comprised of 16 global facilities and 4,500+ employees manufacturing products for the aerospace, defense and industrial gas turbine markets, specializing in highly complex components for the commercial aerospace market including engine housings, gear boxes, front frames, shrouds, panels, fairings, blades and vanes. Find us online at