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B9Creations Now Shipping B9Clean, Automated Cleaning for 3D Printing

B9Creations Now Shipping B9Clean, Automated Cleaning for 3D Printing

March 21, 2019 – By Dani Mason

RAPID CITY, S.D. (March 20, 2019) – B9Creations announced today the B9Clean is now in-stock and available for shipping. The B9Clean is a tool that automates customers’ post-processing with thorough, no-mess, glove-free cleaning, . From print to post-processing, B9Creations is a professional provider of 3D printing solutions.

“It’s no secret that it’s a messy process to go from a finished print to a final product. We wanted to address this pain point, delivering production-grade parts with post-processing to match. That’s why we developed the B9Clean, so the first time a customer touches a part, it’s printed, clean and dry. Coupled with our B9 Model Cure and B9 Core Series 3D printers, businesses have a simple, fast, automated solution – so they can focus less on process and more on results,” said Shon Anderson, B9Creations CEO.

That's been the feedback from pre-order customers like Kevin Fertenbaugh, with Kevs Jewelry Design.

"For me, it's all about workflow. It's the same reason I bought the B9 Core 550. When I began looking seriously at how much time I was wasting playing around with 3D printing, it made me realize I've already lost what I've spent on the printer and B9Clean, hands down. I'll give you an example, I just took on two new contracts, both with $5,000 deposits all because of the amount of time I've freed up with your products. No joke, no exaggeration, just more selling opportunities available to me now," said Fertenbaugh.

The B9Clean offers customizable cleaning cycles that give customers flexibility in their workflow – all while using 75 percent less cleaning solution than other units on the market.

Parts can be transferred directly from the B9 Core Series 3D printer while still on the build platform or as loose models on the part tray.

With three speed options and a one-to-10-minute cleaning cycle, the B9Clean also offers two different fill levels. For customers printing smaller models, the unit holds 1.3 liters of cleaning solution and comes equipped with an extended build table arm. For customers printing larger models, the B9Clean holds up to 2 liters of isopropyl alcohol.

When the cleaning cycle is finished, the isopropyl alcohol drains out, ensuring parts never oversoak in cleaning solution and are air-dry and ready for post-curing in the B9 Model Cure.

That ease of use appealed to Duane Langenfeld, as well, another B9Clean pre-order customer with Jabuti Hail Repair and Ding Tool LLC. 

"Cleanup was probably my biggest issue. If there was something that was slowing me down with each iteration, it was actually my cleanup. It stopped me from printing at times because I didn't want to spend the amount of time doing it by hand. The B9Clean, automated cleaner, is going to reduce my time and speed up the process quite a bit."

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