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    B9Creations Launches Dark-Site-Capable Material Development Software

    B9Creations Launches Dark-Site-Capable Material Development Software

    September 8, 2022 – By Rachael Ballard

    RAPID CITY, S.D. (September 6, 2022) – From an idea in a basement to today’s global footprint in 70 countries worldwide, B9Creations is a Rapid City, South Dakota-based additive manufacturing solutions provider that delivers 3D printing hardware, software, materials, and services. And now, the company has launched an upgraded version of its B9Captivate material development software with Dark Site capabilities.

    B9Captivate is a material development toolkit that enables users to create custom material settings for the B9 Core Series 3D printer platform. B9Captivate users can perfect the printing parameters of custom materials, customize B9Creations materials, and control the geometry of their parts, so they can develop settings perfectly engineered for their application.

    “B9Captivate really makes the B9 Core Series invaluable to us. Due to the level of intricate details involved in our prints, there is no available off-the-shelf resin at present that can produce the parts needed for our business. This software has now closed that gap. Pairing the B9 Core Series with B9Captivate has allowed us to not just match, but actually improve on the already high-quality prints from other 3D printers we’ve owned in the past. Plus, the B9Captivate user interface is straightforward, clean, and intuitive once you understand how the material files work,” said Tom Burns of Poseidon Modelworks LLC.

    Meeting connectivity standards today and into the future, B9Captivate’s new Dark Site capabilities were influenced by feedback from users in industries like aerospace and defense, and critical applications like new product development, where users’ privacy and the protection of sensitive information are vital.

    Dark Site Capabilities

    In addition to the standard Open Network licensing option, two new ways to license B9Captivate have been added: Limited Network and Private Network.


    • With Open Network licensing, B9Captivate requires an Internet connection, however, can be used for up to a week offline.
    • With Limited Network licensing, users’ computers never need an Internet connection, and instead, can annually transfer a license file to the offline computer running B9Captivate.
    • With Private Network licensing, a local licensing server runs on the user’s private network. B9Captivate connects to the local server and never needs an Internet connection.


    B9Captivate comes with a comprehensive help center database, minimum and maximum values that prevent settings that could damage users’ 3D printers, and auto-fills any values they leave blank with those of a standard prototyping resin. With version control and a breadth of material fields, B9Captivate users can adjust curing properties like z-bleed and exposure, and cycle factors that control how their machine moves as the material prints.

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