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B9Creations Launches B9Captivate Software Suite

B9Creations Launches B9Captivate Software Suite

October 8, 2018 – By Dani Mason

RAPID CITY, S.D. (Oct. 8, 2018) – B9Creations, a global provider of professional 3D printing solutions, announced today the launch of B9Captivate, a software suite that empowers users to develop custom material settings perfectly engineered for their application – helping them optimize for both the properties and performance of their 3D printer materials and the geometry of their parts.

With three software and service-level tiers, B9Captivate suits a variety of customer needs from a research lab to a small business, chemical company, or global enterprise. Users have the flexibility to upgrade as they grow – and the confidence to know that the product will scale with them. Paired with B9 Core Series 3D printers, B9Captivate allows users to develop custom 3D printer materials, fine-tune third-party resins, or even tweak factory resins to better suit their needs.

“Our customers are transforming industries, changing the future of medicine and the nature of manufacturing, pioneering discoveries and delivering products unlike any other into their customers’ hands. Our 3D printing technology helps them do so faster and more profitably than ever before. But only if they have the right materials for the job. That’s why we developed B9Captivate, a material development toolkit versatile and robust enough to suit a customer’s needs today and as they scale,” said Shon Anderson, B9Creations CEO. “As users of this technology ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand how this product can support the changing needs of a growing company – whether it’s B9Creations or our partners worldwide.”

The breakthrough technology comes in three levels.

  • B9Captivate Basic allows users to adjust exposure and slice thickness and is included in every download of B9Creations’ B9Create software.


  • B9Captivate Professional offers additional fields including naming, version control and optimization, and mechanical cycle settings that control the way the machine moves when it prints.


  • B9Captivate Enterprise offers all the functionality of the Professional license plus customizable packages that offer dimensional fine tuning, third-party distribution for material commercialization or to field locations, multiple user licenses, and material development support, testing and validation from the factory.

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