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    B9Creations Launches 3D Printed Jewelry Molds with New Silicone Resin

    B9Creations Launches 3D Printed Jewelry Molds with New Silicone Resin

    August 24, 2021 – By Rachael Ballard

    RAPID CITY, S.D. (August 16, 2021) – B9Creations, a global provider of additive manufacturing solutions, has launched 3D printed jewelry molds printed with a new elastomeric formula – an offer set to revolutionize the jewelry industry.


    With the B9 Core 5 Series XL 3D printer and Resilient - Silicone resin, B9Creations disrupts traditional manufacturing by replacing rubber molds with 3D printed silicone molds for wax injection – enabling jewelers to cut costs, save time, and grow revenue.


    “This is a game-changer for the jewelry industry! I’ve had enormous success printing molds in Resilient – Silicone, and moving from traditional methods to 3D printing will save me thousands of dollars every yearAnd the time savings associated with this are huge! I can do the CAD work in 45 minutes to an hour, put it on the printer, and I’m injecting molds within three to four hours! Before, with rubber molds, I’d start in the morning and couldn’t even get the master in the oven by the end of the day, said Patrick Dobbs, Owner and Master Jeweler at Hammerman Forge.


    Traditionally, rubber jewelry molds cost upwards of $1,000 and have just a 6-8-month shelf life. Jewelers cannot exactly replicate existing molds, and they struggle to get repeatable results. Whereas each 3D printed mold costs less than $10 and jewelers are able to exactly replicate mold designsdeliver precise geometry of mating partsand mass produce in a matter of minutes.


    Jewelry designs that are costly and time-consuming to create using traditional methods, like two-tone castings, round objects, and hollow filigree beadscan easily be achieved with 3D printed molds


    3D printed jewelry molds are capable of delivering part accuracy and surface finish superior to traditional rubber moldsBy 3D printing mold insert in B9Creations' Robust - ABS/PC or HD Slate resins and placing it into the outer, Resilient - Silicone portion of the moldhigher-detailed designs that require minimal polishing and finishing can be achieved. 


    “3D printing my molds cuts at least three steps out of the original production process, and no master! I’ve printed at least 70 molds already, and now I’m up to 15 a day!” stated Oscar Valencia, owner of Master Casting & CAD.


    B9Creations Mold Making 3D Printing Resins 

    Resilient - Silicone is an elastomeric mold making material that serves as a low-cost, high-detail replacement for traditional rubber molds. Its flexibility allows for easy removal of delicate materials like wax, and it enables cost-effective, high-volume runs for mass jewelry production.  

    Paired with Resilient - Silicone, B9Creations’ Robust - ABS/PC and HD Slate resins can be used to create molds for parts that require superior surface finish and accuracy. Featuring excellent readability, HD Slate and Robust - ABS/PC mold inserts can precisely captureven finest features of any design. 


    The B9 Core 5 Series XL 

    The B9 Core 5 Series XL 3D printer, the company’s largest-format 3D printer to date, delivers volume production and high-precision parts, eliminating jewelers’ need to choose between accuracy and a larger build area.  


    About B9Creations 

    B9Creations is a global provider of professional 3D printing solutions, serving customers and certified dealers in nearly 70 countries. It has become the industry leader in production, speed and value across its 3D printing hardware, software, materials, and services platforms. B9Creations now stands as the additive manufacturing market leader in high-precision applications such as jewelry, medical, prototyping and manufacturing, research, and model making. 

    Visit us at JCK Las Vegas booth #53080 to see live printer demos and learn more about 3D printed jewelry molds. Plus, stop by any time from 12-3 p.m. on August 28th to watch Patrick Dobbs, Owner and Master Jeweler at Hammerman Forge, give demos on designing molds in CAD, basic ring molds, molds for jewelry links, advanced multi-piece and multi-material molds, and more.  




    Dani Mason 

    VP of Marketing & Communications, B9Creations  

    +1 (605) 430-3612 


    About B9Creations 

    As a global provider of professional 3D printing solutions, B9Creations has become the industry leader in production, speed and value. It now stands as the additive manufacturing market leader in high-precision applications such as medical, jewelry, prototyping and manufacturing, research and model making. B9Creations serves customers and certified dealers in nearly 70 countries around the globe. Find us online at, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeandLinkedIn.