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    B9Creations 3D Prints Protective Masks for Vast Broadband Personnel

    B9Creations 3D Prints Protective Masks for Vast Broadband Personnel

    April 14, 2020 – By Dani Mason

    RAPID CITY, S.D. (April 14, 2020) – B9Creations, a global manufacturer of 3D printers, has partnered with Vast Broadband to 3D print reusable protective masks for their essential personnel. The effort is part of a larger COVID-19 response initiative by B9Creations to produce masks for non-medical essential workers at companies nationwide, offer 3D printing and logistics services for business experiencing supply chain or labor disruption, and create an online global network connecting businesses in need with partners who can help.


    “We want to ensure both our employees and our customers are safe, as technicians are going into homes, so we began searching for masks. However, there was a shortage in the area, and when we would find some, we could only use them a couple of times before needing to throw them away. That’s why we partnered with B9Creations to 3D print masks that can be disinfected and reused, and the only item we need to replace is the filter. We’re grateful B9Creations turned them around so quickly to enable our people to start wearing them this week,” said Chris Karn, Regional Director of Operations at Vast Broadband.


    The masks are 3D printed by B9Creations in its 10993 biocompatible material on its medical equipment compliant B9 Core Med 500 3D printer. Half of the masks were sent to the eastern part of South Dakota, and the other half are being used across the western side of the state.


    “As Vast Broadband navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, B9Creations is proud to partner with them, and other companies nationwide, to provide them with personal protective equipment to keep their employees safe – without impact to the medical supply chain, so that healthcare providers can also get the equipment they need,” said B9Creations CEO Shon Anderson.


    B9Creations is not only partnering with local businesses and medical organizations to support production of critical equipment, it is also responding to the businesses globally whose supply chains, labor forces and revenue have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


    B9Creations is offering 3D printing services to businesses whose current additive manufacturing or injection molding services have been shut down or who cannot access their 3D printers because of isolation measures requiring they work from home. The company is also providing logistics and shipping for impacted companies.


    Additionally, B9Creations has created an online network where business and individuals who have excess capacity, time and talents can help others with a range of services, from design to production. Individuals and businesses seeking or offering services can sign up to join the online network at


    “B9Creations is not large but we have a team of 35 dedicated additive manufacturing professionals, engineers, application experts, lean manufacturing professionals, communication specialists, quality system experts and support specialists who will bring all of our capabilities, and those of our supplier and global customer network across industries, to help businesses through this,” said Anderson.


    If you are a business or medical organization interested in leveraging additive manufacturing to help solve equipment shortages or are experiencing supply chain disruptions and would like to explore 3D printing as an option for your production, please contact B9Creations at or +1-605-716-3200.

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