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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the B9 Core 530 and the B9 Core 550?

  B9 Core 530 B9 Core 550
XY Resolution 30μm 50μm
Build Envelope 57.6 x 32.4 x 127 mm  96 x 54 x 127 mm
Ideal For Custom Production Large-Scale Manufacturing


What is the difference between your casting resins?

Emerald  – Clean burnout & excellent detail, shows the finest features of any design, & casts in platinum.

Yellow – Fastest-printing castable resin leaves no ash, prints crisp detail, & directly casts in platinum.


Why is the DuraVat a better investment than cheaper competitor vats?

Lasts for 600 prints or one year vs. 20-100 prints for other vats. Never needs re-coating which saves on materials & labor.


How fast does the Core Series print?

The Core Series prints 4x faster than industry average with speeds up to 120+ mm per hour. It can print a table of smaller models in under 15 min in our Gray prototyping resin. It prints castable rings in under 45 min.


I’m interested in becoming a dealer. How do I do that?

You can fill out a dealer application at here.

What is the difference between B9Creations DLP tech and laser systems?

The B9 Core Series uses a pixel system, a grid of 30 μm x 30 μm pixels – a third the thickness of a human hair. Its Digital Light Projection (DLP) technology projects an entire layer at once for finer resolution and greater accuracy. Think of this technology like a flashlight held close to a wall, where the whole light projection is crisp.

Laser-based tech traces each layer with a 140μm light creating worse resolution and loss of detail. Think of this technology like a flashlight far away from a wall, where the center is crisp but the outer edges become fuzzy.


Can I get your material settings for my third-party printer?

We test our materials for our 3D printers and optimize the settings accordingly. Unfortunately, we don’t test our materials on third-party printers. However, our Forum is an excellent resource for finding answers and posing those questions to the community –


What are the settings for my third-party resin on your 3D printer?

While we don’t test third-party materials on our 3D printer, our platform is open to third-party materials. In our free software that comes with our printer, you have the option of using custom materials and adjusting the exposure and slice thickness. If you’re looking for more user control, we offer B9Captivate, a software subscription that acts like a material developer’s kit to finely tune your materials to our printers – allowing you to adjust everything from shrinkage to z bleed, settle time, exposure, slice thickness and much more. We even have an enterprise option that allows us to support you in your material development.


Do you have service contracts or software licenses?

No. Our support and slicing software that comes with our 3D printers is free and available for download on our support pageWe don’t have service contracts and offer free, lifetime tech support.