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From Custom Designs to Large Scale Manufacturing

From Custom Designs to Large Scale Manufacturing

October 13, 2016 – By B9Creations

Frank Kapplow, owner of Delmas Diamonds & Jewelers of Tallahassee, FL, has been in jewelry manufacturing for 42 years. While Frank does full in-house manufacturing, he also specializes in both repairs and custom designs, earning Delmas Diamonds and Jewelers the trust of its customers as well as some of the world’s leading jewelry designers.


Over the last decade, jewelry manufacturing in the U.S. has been severely influenced by overseas lower-cost competition. Along with other jewelry manufacturers, Delmas Diamonds & Jewelers started to feel the push of overseas manufacturers and their ability to leverage lower input costs to drive down price points to U.S. consumers and retailers.

In 2013, Frank Kapplow came across the B9Creator and thought to himself, “if this machine produces half the product at that price, I’d be a fool not to have one in my shop.” Since then, Frank has purchased four B9Creators and after 35 years, he is still able to provide his customers a level of service and price point that oversea competitors can’t match.B9Creator 3D printed jewelry


Frank has always been a manufacturer to a certain level. However, he always had to have help from someone else. And even though he owned a milling machine, it was limiting for a lot of his projects, not to mention it was expensive to operate and cost 3 times more than the B9. With the help of the B9Creator, Frank’s locally-owned jewelry store has now become a full-service operation.


“The B9 has added a 30% additional profit margin to everything I make because I no longer have to pay anyone to produce my products”


Resin casting for jewelry Not only does the machine serve well for his manufacturing processes, Frank also uses it as a sales tool. Specializing in custom design, Frank has customers who come into the store and their first question is “What does that machine do?” To aid in answering this question, Frank keeps printed ring designs laying on the counter so he can show the customer what the machine does and the designs it can create.


“Having a B9Creator is like paying a fantastic employee a one-time salary and never paying them again”


Whether you’re running a small, custom-design jewelry store or a large manufacturing facility, B9Creations makes the finest jewelry 3D printing technology easy-to-own and operate.

B9Creations 3D printing for jewelry 3D printing materials for casting

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