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Webinar – Custom Jewelers' Tips for Taking Your Business Digital

Webinar – Custom Jewelers' Tips for Taking Your Business Digital

September 12, 2019 – By B9Creations

Join us – to get in on secrets and expert tips for taking your business digital! During this webinar, longtime, professional jewelers Patrick Dobbs, Trevor Vipond, and Kevin Fertenbaugh will share their stories and top takeaways gained along the way.

3D printing is transforming the jewelry industry. Customers no longer have to imagine wearing your designs in advance – the B9 Core Series is allowing jewelers to print design concepts at incredible speeds, and directly communicate on details of design and fit. Join us during this webinar – and learn more about integrating 3D printing into your business and how to keep your customers engaged and intrigued by bringing design iterations to life over lunch, not overnight.

Regardless of your current method of production, you don’t want to miss this – it’s time to take your jewelry business digital!



Have questions? Stick around until the end of the webinar – they may be answered by our expert panelists during a roundtable Q&A!