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What to look For in a 3D Printer; Resolution, Speed, and Cost

What to look For in a 3D Printer; Resolution, Speed, and Cost

July 28, 2017 – By Becca Golliher

Every 3D printer buyer should know what to consider when deciding on a printer, whether their purpose is for lost wax casting, manufacturing, medical, prototyping, research, model making, or beyond.

A few of the key terms regarding 3D printing are resolution, speed, and cost, but what do these really mean and why do these really matter? 


Preferred resolution depends on what kind of object you hope to print. For models that demand fine detail, supreme precision, and unmatched surface finish (like jewelry), there are countless machines out there that just won’t cut it (or print it… in this case 😊). For such intricate details, DLP (or Digital Light Processing) machines are the most logical way to go.  Other 3D printer types, like FDM and SLA, can’t provide such fine details; like trying to draw fine detail with a thick marker, you just don’t get the results you hope for. Large scale items, though, may not demand as fine of detail, and using a high-definition printer to create these parts may be a waste of time and resources.

 High Resolution Intricate Detail 3D Printer
An intricate mesh detail bracelet printed on a B9 Core Series                                              


It’s not hard to recognize that speed plays a vital factor in 3D printing performance. Time stops for no one, not even the busiest of businesses or most deserving of designers.

Whether it be a functional part, a castable ring, or a figurine, why settle for something that takes more time than it could? While taking the time to get something right is a necessity, the B9 Core Series can already produce something right… and do it quickly at the same time.

High Resolution 3D Printer Castable      High Speed Prototyping 3D Printer 
A ring printed in 58 minutes with our Emerald casting resin                         A resin printed in 13 minutes with our Gray prototyping resin. 


And while having a 3D printer that can manage both unparalleled resolution and speed is a game-changer, cost might even be the most important factor. Many companies make you commit to a service plan, maintenance costs, and expensive materials, while already paying for a pricey machine. That’s not us. B9Creations designs our machines and accessories to minimize maintenance requirements (if recommended practices are followed), provides affordable materials for multiple applications, and uses industrial strength components in our machines that are built to last.


The B9 Resin Line – offering resins applicable for use in prototyping, casting, model-making, and more

The Company

Even though the printer itself is the machine that makes brilliant ideas come to life, another influence that can be overlooked is the 3D printer company itself. It’s important to find a company that has productivity at its core, a simplistic focus that keeps customers in mind, and dependable expertise and support that has no expiration date. In other words, a company like B9Creations.

High Resolution 3D Printer B9 Core Series
The B9 Core Series, crafted from customer feedback for simplicity, value, and speed.

Some may solely base their vote off whichever printer is most pleasing to the eye or seems cheap initially, but doing a little research could end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Stay informed and good luck!

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