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Escape the Dotted Line - Forget the Contracts, Service Fees, and Maintenance Agreements

Escape the Dotted Line - Forget the Contracts, Service Fees, and Maintenance Agreements

March 1, 2016 – By Laine

Are you tired of falling subject to shady contracts, pricey service fees, and required maintenance agreements?

In today's 3D printing industry, competition is strong.

For some companies, instead of building valuable customer relationships, they resort to trapping their customers by charging for customer support or demanding maintenance fees.

B9Creations finds this way of business deceitful and insincere. Fortunately for you, B9Creations cares more about building strong, long-term relationships with their customers.

For one, we don't require any signatures to buy our product, nor do you have to pay an absurd amount of money to the factory if it would ever need fixing.

I am astonished how many customers tell me they have to spend thousands of dollars to fix their machine or spend thousands to sell it. Surprisingly enough, there are many customers out there that have to spend more to fix their current 3D printer than it takes to buy a B9Creator.

Yes, you heard me right! Users of B9Creations products spend less with no extra fees, and still own a 3D Printer with professional quality.

“Just because you have a machine that costs a lot of money, it doesn't mean it's going to work better.” – Frank Kapplow, Owner of Delmas Diamonds and Jewelry and four B9Creators

Let's talk about maintenance. If something would ever go wrong with the B9Creator, it is a simple enough machine, with only 3 moving parts, where it wouldn't be hard to tell what is not working properly. In this (rare) case, you would be able to troubleshoot these issues yourself and not have to send it into any facility and pay extra money.

However, we wouldn't want you to be alone in this process; we have a tech support team that knows the machine inside and out and can often speak with you the same day.

Our tech support team is here during all business hours and ready to take your call.

All warranty replacements are at no cost to you, and outside of warranty replacement costs the most expensive parts you would be purchasing would be under $400.We're talking about saving you hundreds of dollars and days/weeks of your time.

With all this being said, I want to clarify that some of our dealers offer optional service plans to help customers get a more customized and personal learning experience. While these service plans are encouraged, they are optional for the customer.

So whether you are a jeweler, model maker, or researcher, the B9Creator is an affordable, efficient addition to your workflow without the hefty price tag, or the dreaded signature for maintenance contracts.