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2022 Digital Jewelry Summit Hosted by B9Creations

2022 Digital Jewelry Summit Hosted by B9Creations

February 25, 2022 – By B9Creations

Join us as we work alongside an expert panel to dive into everything from CAD to casting, industry trends, new technologies, and beyond during B9Creations’ Digital Jewelry Summit, a virtual event spanning five sessions!

CAD: What’s Next? with Kent West

Join this hour-long session with Kent West, where he’ll share tips and tricks on transitioning from Matrix to Panther, explain the differences between Rhino 5 in Matrix and Rhino 7 in Panther, and explain some of the key features of each product!



Strategic Design for Successful Casting with Doug Napier

During this session, Doug will reveal tactical design techniques that enable successful casting. He’ll dive into how design plays a role in the success of your castings, let you in on tips and tricks to designing with casting in mind, share how to overcome common casting challenges, and more!


Designing for 3D Printing with Patrick Dobbs

During this session, Patrick will let you in on secrets to designing for the perfect print every time, reveal unique methods to overcome common design challenges that hinder the success of your 3D prints, and more!

3D Scanning for Jewelry with Fernando Cortes

See a live, in-depth 3D scanning demo! Plus, during this session, Fernando will share the benefits of integrating 3D scanning into your jewelry manufacturing workflow, delve into the wide range of applications for 3D scanning in the jewelry industry, and more.

Industry Trends and Emerging Technology with Chris Leonard from Stuller &  Eric Henrickson from B9Creations

Join us for a half-hour presentation on the importance of customization in the jewelry industry, emerging technologies set to disrupt traditional jewelry manufacturing, and more! Plus, get a sneak peek of a soon-to-be-released product from Stuller!

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