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Cara Print

World-class 3D printing technology developed for dental experts.

Enhance your patients’ experience and your profitability with digital dentistry that actually performs, producing better patient outcomes, reducing costs, and slashing production times.

B9Creations has partnered with Kulzer, the world’s leading dental company, to offer a 3D Printing solution from Dental for Dental with the cara Print 4.0 3D printer, non-clouding cara Print Tray, suite of dental materials, and Hi-Lite Power 3D post-curing unit.

The proven precision, reliability, and scalable production of the cara Print 4.0 means you can go from scan to production with a seamless digital workflow.


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Dima Print Materials

Combining longstanding material expertise with a deep knowledge of 3D printing, Kulzer offers dental materials for:

  • Splints/Night Guards (Bite)
  • Individualized Impression Trays
  • Surgical Drilling Guides
  • Dental Models
  • Cast Structures (CAD to Cast)
Dima Print Materials
Surgical Drill Guide
Dental Model

3D Printing in Your Workflow

3D Printing in Your Workflow

More cost-effective than milling and more competitively priced than other printers on the market, turn to the 3D printer trusted by dentists, orthodontists, and dental labs worldwide.
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