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B9 Core Series for Model Makers

Bringing Your Ideas To Life

The B9 Core Series is giving artists, model makers, and prototyping professionals the speed, detail, and capability to print as creatively as they design.

Multiple resolution and build size settings allow for detailed miniatures and large objects with one machine.

Our software makes new and experienced designers successful with automatic and user-generated support capabilities.

B9Creations' resins produce models, figurines, and sculptures that are paintable, castable, and detailed for micro scale.

Get unmatched resolution, speeds 4x faster than industry average, and a seamless user experience - at a price that fits your business.

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3D Printer Guide

“Best Of” award in 3D Hubs 2015 3D Printer Guide

  • B9Creations excellent ONLINE COMMUNITY received the highest ranking of the 235 3D Printers tested!
  • B9Creations 3D printer outscored every professional machine for VALUE!