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Turn your ideas into tangible designs in a matter of minutes using the B9 Core Series, a powerhouse of speed and resolution, built based on feedback from real customers. Print as creatively as you design, with unmatched resolution, speeds 4 times faster than industry average, and a seamless user experience – at a price that fits your business.

Detail & Readability

We recognize that crisp detail and readability make up the backbone of a successful model making business – accuracy of microscale parts is crucial. The unrivaled resolution of the B9 Core Series has helped model makers around the globe launch and scale successful businesses using 3D printing – empowering them to hoist their success to unimaginable heights.

Read the Story: John and Karen Boyd, owners of Boyd’s Toys, are living proof of this concept. Their now massively successful model making business started with figures that were only 15 millimeters in height – about the size of a dime. Since then, the family has expanded into 32-millimeter fantasy miniatures and currently hold a product line that includes over 200 unique figures. The Boyd’s are transforming the industry of collectible game-piece models with miniscule figures packed with unbelievable detail, made possible by the B9 Core Series.

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The B9 Core Series 3D printer leverages patented & patent-pending technology with precision engineering to set a new standard for production speed – it is the most intuitive 3D printer for speed, accuracy, and simplicity. In the model making business, it’s important to stay versatile. The ability to grow a business depends on delivering quality products faster and having the right tools to do just that. No matter the size of your operation, we know you don’t want to keep your customers waiting while your production is halted. Powered by an industrial HD LED light engine, the B9 Core Series is four times faster than the industry average, with print speeds reaching 120+ mm per hour.

Read the Story: Get an in-depth look at how 3D printing has boosted model making businesses around the globe – businesses like Modelu. Alan Buttler is using his Core Series 3D printer to fulfill wholesale orders of 2,000 to 3,000 parts. His lifelike figures have even caught the eye of filmmakers presenting the opportunity for his work to be featured in a Showtime documentary and on "The Great British Bake Off".  

Surface Finish

The B9 Core Series, paired with our suite of materials formulated for high-resolution and rapid prototyping, deliver unmatched precision and surface finish. For model makers, flawless finish is a must. The industry’s demand drove our decision to incorporate surface finish features into our software and formulate materials optimized for smoothness that also reduces post-processing time.

“3D printing has allowed me to create pieces using a level of detail not possible with traditional methods – the wow factor never goes away. I’m always trying to push the envelope on the level of detail I’m able to achieve. And, with my B9Creations printer, my models really go the extra mile. 3D printing has been so helpful to my business. It has allowed me to achieve consistency from print to print and has saved me a lot of time, as well.” -Tom Burns, Owner of Poseidon Modelworks LLC

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Want more information on how to scale your model making business with 3D printing?

Join us, and get in on the secrets and top takeaways provided by a panel of global model making experts. During this webinar – Secrets of Success from Top Model Makers Worldwide – expert model makers Alan Buttler, Tom Burns, and John Boyd will provide an in-depth look at launching and scaling successful model making businesses using 3D printing with the B9 Core Series.


Webinar – Secrets of Success from Top Model Makers Worldwide


If your business' current method of production is painful, it's time to upgrade to high-speed, high-quality 3D printing — delivered by the B9 Core Series.

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