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To help you explore the integration of additive technology into your business, B9Creations offers 3D printed samples and product demos to equip partners to support patient-customized surgical planning and tools, create better educational models, and bring devices to market faster than ever before.

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Core 5 Series Med XL - 385

Helping you deliver the best possible patient outcomes.

Designed and engineered to be a class of one in the healthcare industry, B9Creations’ new medical 3D printing solution integrates additive manufacturing into the design, production, and use of medical devices, anatomical modeling, surgical tools, and more.

  • Our largest-format printer
  • 385 nm light engine for 3D printing clear materials and high-detail materials
  • <25 micron effective resolution
  • Speeds reaching 120+ mm per hour
  • Out of the box & printing in 15 min.
  • 0 machine maintenance, easy to use
  • Free, lifetime tech support
  • IEC 60601-1 & IEC 60601-1-2 medical equipment compliant
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SD Mines_BW
Stanford_ BW

Clear, Biocompatible, Engineering, Mold Making, and Prototyping Materials

With B9Creations' resin line, healthcare professionals and medical device manufacturers can move from virtual model to print & prototyping to production runs of thousands seamlessly.

  • Rapidly prototype high-detail medical device parts in engineering & biocompatible materials.
  • Create anatomical models, surgical tools, and instrumentation for patient-customized surgical procedures.
  • Customize laboratory and manufacturing tools, jigs, and fixtures for enhanced productivity.
  • Use ISO 10993 biocompatible materials for surgical tools, anatomical models, medical research, and wearable technology.
  • Optimize your manufacturing process, iterate designs faster and bring better products to market with B9Creations' engineering resins.
  • Quickly and cost-effectively create 3D printed molds for mass-production.
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Here's what our customers say

"The print quality is great! The resolution rivals that of our Stratasys J750 and surpasses it in some ways."

engineer 3
Medical Researcher

University of Iowa

“As a medical device engineer, I have shown parts from B9Creations, Carbon, and HP Multi-Jet Fusion to engineers, and they can’t correctly identify the printer used. This shows that B9Creations additive manufacturing system is really good. Plus your 3D printed parts are sharper, higher resolution & higher quality than my injection-molded parts.”

engineer 1
Medical Device Engineer

Large Medical Manufacturer

"I’ve done 10 jobs in two days, and the surface finish & dimensional accuracy is incredible. This printer is a life-changer. We were impressed with the parts."

engineer 2
Head of $1M Medical AM Lab

Largest Med Device Mfr in US

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