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Med Series Compatibility Information

Compatibility Information for the B9 Med Series accessories

There are two categories of the B9Creations Med 3D printers: the B9 Core Med 550, and the B9 Core 5 Med XL series printers. 

The Core Med 550 utilizes the-


The Core 5 Med XL-385 and Core 5 Med XL-405 use the-

FastVat Med I or FastVat Med II

To purchase any of these vats, or for specific information regarding any of these vats please visit the respective product page, found here:


FastVat Med I

FastVat Med II


It is strongly recommended that on your Med series printer you only use the approved B9Creations resin. It is possible that other resins may be printable but B9Creations is not responsible for customer support or damage caused by resins not manufactured and approved by B9creations. For resin specific information please visit the product page found here. For the complete compatibility break down visit the Resin compatibility chart found here.

Post Processing

To ensure proper post processing it is important to use the appropriate  post processing units in conjunction with your B9Creations Med series printer. If using the Core Med 550 any B9Creations post processing product will be compatible.

If using the Core 5 Med XL-385 or Core 5 Med XL-405 is is important to only utilize the XL versions of the post processing products. These products include the B9Creations Clean XL and the B9Creations Cure XL.


Operational information about printing accessories can be found on the "Printing Accessories" page of this Knowledge Hub.