DuraVat Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions

All information for properly maintaining your B9Creations DuraVat can be found here

To ensure that your B9Creations printer continues to operate within tolerance and produce quality prints, the printer and its equipment must be maintained properly. This article outlines the proper maintenance protocol for the B9Creations DuraVat.


It is vital to print quality that the DuraVat be 'recharged' for 30 minutes after every 2 hours of printing.

DuraVat Recharging Process

1.    Hold the DuraVat at an angle so that the resin will flow away from the window. The entire window should be free of liquid resin and exposed to air.

2.    If residue from the previous print appears as a “ghost image” on the film, gently wipe off the residue with a clean, debris free microfiber cloth. Be careful to avoid scratching the window film.

3.    Set the DuraVat on a stable, level surface. Place the lid on the DuraVat.

4.    The DuraVat will be recharged after resting covered for 30 to 45 minutes.  It can now be reinserted into the printer to resume printing.


DuraVat Cleaning Procedure

When cleaning any B9Creations vat, it is important to avoid damaging the delicate window. To ensure that the window is not damaged cleaning should be done with:

  • The squirt bottle that came with the printer full of isopropyl alcohol
  • microfiber cloths
  • Paper towels
  • Funnel and strainer 
  • Resin bottle of what resin is in the vat
  • Extra bottle
  • Rubber spatula 
  • Plastic razor
  • Windex or some form of glass cleaner


1. Empty any remaining resin from the vat

  • place the funnel with the strainer on top of the resin bottle
  • pour the resin out of the vat into the bottle through the funnel
    • Use the spatula to gently scape resin into the container
  • The strainer should catch any failed prints or particulates that are in the resin
  • It is generally not recommended to mix old and new resin

2. Cleaning the inside of the vat  

  • If any resin has adhered to the window, soak with isopropyl alcohol and attempt to remove with a rubber spatula
    • If the resin remains stuck to the window, continue to let it soak in isopropyl alcohol. At this time if the rubber spatula cannot remove the resin, gently use a plastic razor to detach the resin
  • To remove any resin residue left in the vat spray the vat down with isopropyl alcohol
  • While avoiding the window, use a paper towel to clean the vat
  • To clean the vat window, use a clean microfiber cloth and gently clean the window inside of the vat

3. Cleaning the outside of the vat  

  • To ensure the vat is completely clean, use a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol to wash down the exterior walls of the vat 
  • It is important to ensure that the window on the underside of the vat is also clean. This can be accomplished with Windex and a microfiber cloth

4. Filling the vat after cleaning  

  • Before refilling the vat with your desired resin, ensure that the resin is well mixed by shaking the bottle
  • The Vat should be refilled up to the first ledge on the inside of the vat.