B9 Clean does not pump into clear container

Does not pump into clear container

Print Created by: Leonor Beranek 1. Check to make sure that the black gasket on the bottom of the Clear Container is in place.  This is a very important piece to create a seal between the spout and the bottom opening of the outer container for proper flow of the isopropyl alcohol.


2.  Remove all the isopropyl alcohol and with a syringe or turkey baster, force isopropyl alcohol through the tube protruding from the bottom the remove any air or debris that might be clogging the impeller.  Then fill the dark outer container and place it back on the base to see if the isopropyl alcohol is now spewing out out of the spout. 


3.  If that doesn't work, fully remove the motor cover by first removing the three small screws next to the spout.  Check if there are any solid resin or particles that present.  Wash this area with isopropyl alcohol.  Check underneath the impeller for any obstructions.  Then reattach the motor cover and screws back in place.  Fill with isopropyl alcohol again and start the unit.


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