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Please complete the form and we will send you a 3D printed sample. The sample part will help you visualize what you can create with a B9Creations 3D printer. Explore the materials to discover one that fits your needs.

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  • Receive a high-resolution sample in the material of your choice.
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  • Hold your design in hand and see the B9 difference.
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    Max Combined File Size: 31.980mb

    **Note: Sample prints are limited by size and design. If the file is deemed unprintable by one of our technicians, you will receive a full refund. Sample prints must be confined to fit in the following build envelopes: 30 xy resolution: 57.6 x 32.4 x 127 mm 50 xy resolution: 96 x 54 x 127 mm 70 xy resolution (B9Creator v1.2 only): 104 x 75.6 x 203 mm

*Select your material
  •  – Provides clean burnout and prints with excellent detail to show the finest features of any design.
  •  – The ultimate casting resin that leaves no ash.
  •  – A high-strength, fast-curing resin for vulcanized mold-making and model confirmation.

** Samples will be printed at the recommended settings. If you wish to leave specifications, please note them in the field below.

  • ** Once entered the sample queue, please allow 1-2 business days for generic samples and 3-4 business days for custom samples to process, print and ship.

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