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Get your castable sample for jewelers today and see what 3D printing should be — fast and easy.

The hassle-free, no calibration B9 Core Series 3D printer allows you to devote time to your customers while delivering jewelry pieces faster than ever.


  • It's simple! We will ship the sample directly to you
  • See the detail and surface finish — even at high speeds
  • It's easy-to-cast (thousands of jewelers already do)
  • Proof that it's really sweet
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B9 Core Series

Fast. Simple. Flawless casting every time.

You're the jeweler — expert at your craft. We've made it so you don't have to be the 3D printing expert too. Get fast, reliable, push-button printing so you can spend more time on what matters — growing your business. 

  • Castable rings in 45 min
  • Same day sales with designs in 12 min.
  • Best castable resin & resolution
  • Out of the box & printing in 15 min.
  • 0 machine maintenance, easy to use
  • Free, lifetime tech support
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Master Casting and Cad
Neugebauers Jewelry
Riddles Jewelry
Green Lake Jewelry Works
The Jewelers Bench

We take the guesswork out of casting.

Our materials were developed and tested by a community of jewelers just like you, so they fit seamlessly in your process from custom jewelry shops to casting houses. 

The proof is in the prints:

  • A clean burnout with zero ash
  • Exceptional surface finish
  • Minimal post-processing
  • Flawlessly casts in silver, gold, platinum and more
Request a Castable 3D Printed Sample!

Here's what our customers say

"Since we’ve purchased the B9 Core Series, I've completed 16 custom jobs in the last 2 weeks because it's so fast. Plus we're cutting out our vendors and doing everything in-house, so we can keep costs down for the customer, and we're profiting more."

Meghan Proctor
Meghan Proctor

Award-Winning Jeweler at Hubbell Jewelry Design

"The B9 Core Series resolves every issue that I had, and the lack of calibration was a Godsend. In the 6 months I've had my B9 Core 550, I've doubled business."

Trevor Vipond
Trevor Vipond

Custom Jeweler & Owner at Hewn

"I went through every 3D Printer out there and I can tell you – once you try the B9 Core Series, you’re going to love it. No setup, no calibrations, one whole tray in 45 minuets. It’s just amazing. You’ll see, when you get one.”

Oscar Valencia
Oscar Valencia

President of Diamonds Inc. & Master Casting & Cad

We've helped thousands of customers succeed in jewelry.


We're so confident that you'll love our product we'll connect you with one of our jewelry customers if you want real proof.