Early Access: FastWax

FastWax Waitlist@4x-100 with prints


Castable Resin

Join the waitlist and be first in line for our premium, castable resin that offers the benefits of wax without the wait!

 "It's the closest thing to wax we've casted. Our production team loves this resin – and they usually hate resin."


1 x 1 Fast-100

FAST Technology

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Pioneer Edition

Our new patent-pending software brings you unmatched precision and surface finish at unbeatable speeds! Enjoy new features like mirroring supports, sectioning, and more.

Transform the effective resolution on your printer with FAST™ Technology:

  • <15μm effective resolution on Core 530
  • <25μm effective resolution on Core 550

"Immediately noticed a difference. Gone are the larger plateaus. Honestly, with no magnification, the steps aren't there or barely visible – and even with a 10x loupe, rounded surfaces are smooth now."