ESD Rigid

ESD - Rigid

Join the waitlist and be first in line for our new resin engineered with high tensile strength and heat deflection temperature (HDT), ESD - Rigid is ideal for producing static-dissipative parts designed to withstand the manufacturing environment.

Special Features:

  • Static-Dissipative
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High HDT
  • Readable Detail
  • Smooth Surface Finish

Click the links below for our ESD - Rigid Documents:

ESD - Rigid Material Data Sheet

ESD - Rigid Instructions for Use

XL 405 Right-1

B9 Core 5 Series XL 

with FASTTM Technology
Powered by B9Create

The B9 Core 5 Series XL offers a digital manufacturing solution that eliminates the need to choose between a larger build area and high-precision. Enabled with patent-pending FAST™ technology, it delivers volume production and effective resolution finer than 25µm.

"We've been printing non-stop. We're even sending out high-detail parts to different departments so everyone can see the capabilities of the machine."