A Comprehensive Guide to Microscale 3D Printing

New Elite Micro White Paper Cover Design


Why should you download?

Download the guide now to learn more about how micro 3D printing compares to traditional manufacturing methods (e.g., micromachining and micro injection molding), the cost, design, and material benefits of micro 3D printing, post-processing considerations, and more. Plus, learn more about B9Creations’ new Elite Micro 3D printer platform. With ultra-high resolution, accuracy, precision, and repeatability, the B9 Elite Micro pushes the boundaries of feature size capabilities and delivers even the most challenging micro parts at production quality.

Get more information on:

  • Traditional Micro Mfg. Method Comparisons 
  • Micro 3D Printing Applications  
  • Cost, Design, and Material Benefits 
  • Post-Processing Considerations 
  • And More!