From Retail to Wholesale, Oscar's 3D Printing Solution

Oscar Valencia, President of Diamonds Inc. and Master Casting and Cad, not only has his own thriving storefront jewelry business located in the heart of Chicago, but also maintains an in-house business, casting and repairing pieces for jewelers nationwide. Surrounded by 180 other jewelers under the same roof, the environment encourages Oscar and his team to find ways to stand out and prove their value. Their solution? The B9 Core Series 3D printer.

See The Newest Updates in B9Create, Our Free 3D Printing Software

B9Creations is continually growing and improving, responding to the needs and recommendations from customers just like you. Our networks of jewelers, prototypers, researchers, manufacturers, and model makers are constantly providing feedback and suggesting ways that we can make your businesses more efficient and profitable.

3D Printing Made Easy for First-Time User, Long-Time Custom Jeweler

Neugebauer’s Fine Jewelry is a historic jeweler located in the heart of the Midwest, specializing in a variety of custom requests and repairs. Frustrated by the delays caused by their old methods of milling, Neugebauer’s invested in the B9 Core 530 for its speed, ease-of-use, and value. Find out how this local jeweler drove profits and growth with the best 3D printer for jewelry casting. 

Breaking the Language Barrier Within 3D Printing Software

3D printers have taken the world by storm – quickly being adopted around the globe for manufacturing, jewelry, model-making, research, and more because of their functionality and efficiency.

B9Creations 3D printers have been spotted in over 52 countries worldwide, and sharing this technology with so many different cultures is worth being celebrated.

From Robots to 3D Printers | B9Creations Beginnings

Before the B9Creator was even a twinkle in Founder and Creator Michael Joyce’s eye, Mike already had a long-standing passion for creating things.

As a child, he was commonly found watching in awe as his father and others built jets and rockets that would allow men to explore space and walk on the moon.

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