Exciting Changes for B9Creations

Over the past few months B9Creations has made substantial improvements to support the growth of the company and serve a widening base of users.  These improvements will be implemented over the next 4 weeks.

As a result of these improvements, we are making the following announcements:

  1.  We are reducing the price of assembled B9Creators from $5495 to $4595, effective immediately.
  2. We are launching a new Vat design that is improved in several ways:
    • Built-in pour spouts prevent drips & spills, making transferring resin to and from the Vat cleaner.
    • Ergonomic improvements such as tabs for holding the Vat reduce the chance of spills or slippage.
    • The new Vat offers improved reliability & visibility due to construction of translucent materials, the resin level is visible from any angle and without any holes for windows in the side of the Vat.
    • We have also been able to substantially reduce the price to our customers.  This is another step in making operation of the B9Creator cleaner and more streamlined, while reducing ongoing operating expenses.
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