B9Creator v1.2

The original B9Creator V1.2 is perfect for jewelers who need one tool versatile enough to print the finest details but adjust to build projects as large as belt buckles and bracelets. Designed to offer a high level of user adjustability and control with low operating costs for shops who want to integrate 3D printing into their business without spending a fortune.

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Learn what a Jeweler, Manufacturer, University, and Hobbyist have in common.

The B9Creator is a powerful tool that allows users to print as creatively as they design, producing high-resolution models, prototypes, and working parts.

  • Patented & Patent-Pending Technology
  • Innovative Software
  • Empowering Design

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3D Printer Comparison

  B9Creator V1.2HD3D Systems Projet 1200Asiga Freeform Pico 2Solidscape MAX2Digital Wax 008JFormLabs Form 2
Maximum Build Envelope 43x27x150 mm 51x32x75 mm 152x152x101 mm 65x65x90 mm 145x145x175 mm
XY Resolution (finest) 56 micron 39 micron 10 micron 50 micron 140 micron
Accepts 3rd Party Resins No Yes No Yes Yes
1kg of Manufacturer's Castable Resin $1200 $350 $700 $650 $299
Time to Print 5 Castable Models 6 hours 4 hours 15 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Machine Cost $4,900 $6,990 $55,650 $26,000 $3,499

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